Moses second-team all-SEC and all-defense

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Thought Dusty should have made the second team. Also thought Moses should have been defensive player of the year. His stats and Williams are nearly identical. Moses beat him out as the block leader in the conference. And Moses did it on a much better team. Thornwell would have also been a good pick for defensive player of the year. How can you say the best defensive player in the league plays for a 8-10 team in conference and in 9th place. If you’re team is at the bottom half of the conference that should automatically eliminate you from any player of the year type of awards. Because apparently you weren’t that good at it or your team would have been better. You’ll never see anyone in the NBA win defensive player of the year on the bottom of the barrel team.

Dusty should have made it ahead of Kasey Hill or Antonio Blakeney. I like rewarding defense but look at Hill’s offensive numbers in SEC play - 41% eFG% and 61% from the line for a PG. He had a good assist rate, but he also averaged 8.4 minutes per TO. The worst on our team was 14 min per TO. Sure, Dusty is no stud on D, but those numbers are really weak for a PG.

As for Blakeney, Dusty had a better offensive year, and nobody on LSU’s team can claim to have played much defense. Dusty was a major cog on a better team. Blakeney is a good player, but come on. All-SEC isn’t about recruiting rankings and NBA potential.

I think the case could be made for Dusty, Macon, and Barford over Hubbs and Kasey Hill…Hill didn’t even avg double figures and shot 41% from the field…huh?? I don’t get it at all…Those three Hogs took turns carrying the #3 team in the league. At least one of them should have made 2nd team…

That’s exactly how they did it.

Also, looks like Dusty recognizes the snub as well.

Hopefully that gives him motivation to go dominate the SEC tournament.

Good point. Macon and Barford were more accomplished two-way players than several on the second-team as well. Macon in particular had a great case with his offensive numbers.

It goes to show just how much the conference will snub the hogs! Beat them all in the SEC tournament and get the awards there!