Moses??? My Take

I believe that Moses received a pre-draft rating of not having the overall skills set to be drafted. He then came back to just play out the season graduate. Why else would he start the season as flat as he did? Remember Anderson had to make him play with energy the early part of the year. IMO he still just goes through the motions.

In my view, it looks like advisors told Kingsley what he needed to show in games to improve his draft status, and he has been trying to do that. This can affect how well he takes coaching + how well he coexists with his teammates.

Kingsley’s touches per game went down with the new guards coming in, and that might have made him feel like he has to try to score every chance he gets.

He’s lazy, no hustle or energy in him anymore.

The Texas A&M bigs took him to school. The MisState young bigs beat him up. The Tennessee undersized big punished him The Kentucky young big wore him out so did the Florida big guy. Lord help him with Ole Miss, South Carolina, and the young guys from Auburn. And oh by the the big 4 from Missouri embarrassed him.

Just saying,