Moses Moody's measurements at NBA Combine

Full measurements:

Dudley should be happy that they measured with shoes. Although I’m waiting for them to weigh a football player in full pads and helmet, since they never play without those either.


Heck of a wingspan for a 6,4 guard!

Check this out from draft analyst Chad Ford:

And his vertical? I don’t think it’s very good. That’s what I’ve been saying. People consider him to be athletic, and he’s not overly athletic. He’s just really long for his height.good player, though. I like him and hope he does well.

26 players have had their max vertical measured so far. Moody isn’t one of them.

Has he done the vertical, yet?

Keon Johnson did and broke the combine record with 48". MM may not get tested. Guys in the NFL combine sometimes skip tests if there’s a slight injury or something.

He has not. You can always check this link periodically to see if it has updated:

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Looks like MM is in good company in not getting tested. Most of the projected lottery picks haven’t.

Moody is 6-4.5? I thought college teams were required to list the real height without shoes like the NBA. So much for him being a big guard. He must have put lifts in his Nike’s.

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