Moses Moody

He has a ring, but will he ever get any run with GS? Personally, I hope they trade him so he can play. Thoughts?

He looks like trade bait/injury insurance/ new rotation guy after another trade. Barring being an injury replacement, it’s hard to see him getting consistent minutes before one of those things happen. It’s not his fault, Warriors management has apparently decided to try to win it this year and hope the youngish veterans and left over old guys can be competitive in the near future.

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Good post, Jeremy. I agree with you… Moses needs to move to another team.

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Moses is getting zero minutes, other youngster drafted just ahead of him, Kuminga is getting minutes. And Wiseman was not getting minutes too before he got hurt. So the only youngster riding the pine is Moses.

Kind of worried about Moses at GS or anywhere in NBA. He seems to be following the footsteps of Isaiah Joe. To me, both seem to lack the explosiveness of most NBA SGs.

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Maybe Moses and Big Dan can get traded to OKC, and we can have the OklaHogs!


His time will come. NBA season is a marathon.

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