Moses Moody

I personally would like to thank Moses Moody for choosing to come home and play for the Razorbacks. He has always acted with dignity, hard work and was always a team first player. He had an amazing year and was mature beyond his age. He always worked on his skills and was always prepared to give us his best and he did that all year. If he chooses to go to the NBA we should be proud that he was a Razorback and pull for him to have huge success in his professional career. If he chooses to come back we are the lucky ones that get to watch him play another year as a Razorback. Thanks Moses for letting us see you in a Razorback uniform and to watch your spectacular play game after game. You were a terrific offensive player, a strong defensive player, got on the boards and played for the team and were always prepared. Be blessed in your future whatever direction that you take.


His composure and demeanor were mature and reflected very positively to our school and state. We were fortunate
and blessed he became a Razorback. I hate that we will not have him on the court next year. Those are not easy shoes to fill. It should be obvious to any basketball fan why our coach wanted him on the court every minute he could go,


I 2nd that thank you to Moses. It was with great pleasure witnessing your skills and continued growth on the court and off. You have created another path for future Razorbacks to follow.
Good luck at the next level. Will enjoy watching you as you excel there as well.

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Moses seems a very centered and classy young man and appears well suited to be a success at whatever he sets his mind to and I certainly wish him success in whatever path he chooses. I also hope that he and his family feel the love and respect from the Razorbacks and feel that whatever Moses decides is best for Moses both short and long term is fully supported, even though we are just interested bystanders in the decision making process.


Wish Moses the very best, I do think he has tons of room for improvement and feel confident he will reach the peak of his potential in time. I also thank him for choosing the Razorbacks and wish him the very best in his future wherever he may be playing. WPS

I think the word “class” is often overused. In spite of that, Moses Moody is definitely a Class Act!


It applies in his case.


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