Moses Moody: what I was bracing for

I have always held the view that Moody will sign with Arkansas, unless Duke or Kentucky come calling.

Well, Hoops Central reports that Duke is now recruiting him. No offer yet but Duke has taken that first step in the recruiting cycle.

Good thing we have so many other options such as Doakes and Davis.

I’ve been right there with ya.

Comments: hum even so, it’s not over yet, it’s just beginning, the Arkansas coaching staff has something to say about that, the odds are in our favor this time you can’t lose the recruiting war to every traditional legacy basketball program regardless who they are…

He’s going to make somebody a very good college player for one year.

What’s the current buzz surrounding him? Once he attained 5 star status, I have seen things written to suggest he was destined for a Duke or Kentucky stop for a year. And that we were not going to be a factor. Is that true, or does he have enough interest in staying home that he might consider us?