Moses Moody sets date

No way he comes home to Little Rock to announce he is going to Michigan.


Big, Big time get. Hopefully this will push Chris Moore to the good guys.

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Richard, DD— thoughts?? Without stealing his moment😎

I think it’s obvious. He tagged Michigan first.

:joy: :joy: :joy: …whoa there RD

Alphabetically we win this

Who did he visit last, and when?

Arkansas Oct 18-20

Hogs couple weeks ago. Never visited UVA.

There’s only one thing that bothers me a little. I thought he and KK might do this together if they were both Arkansas bound.

Aren’t they playing in different states now? Maybe KK schedule wouldn’t allow? Positive thinking here

Unbelievable that Muss is gonna pull this off. Woohoo!

I wonder if Michigan is off the board since Howard mentioned Moody and a couple of other recruits by name in a recent press conference?

You are right. He won’t come to Little Rock to announce.

I am so thankful blue bloods did not offer.

I am hearing that Moody is going to commit on Saturday but won’t sign till Spring, to keep his options open. Richard, anything you know on this? I usually dismiss a lot of stuff I hear as rumors, but Usually not what I hear on Moody.

I thought a few 2020 recruits might do that just to make sure CEM doesn’t have a Morris-type first year. Personally, I don’t think there’s any chance of that. There probably will be some struggles along the season though with this really short team.

I personally don’t know why top kids commit early or why ANY kid signs an NLI. Just sign a grant in aid! That commits the school to you but you aren’t committed to the school should events (firing, a chance to see the coach/team in action, etc…) cause you to change your mind.

I thought I had seen somewhere that KK was doing the same thing

Committing early (I thought I saw Thanksgiving weekend), and signing in the Spring

Yes, KK is going to commit during thanksgiving break and sign in spring

Will you be attending the announcement, RD?