Moses Moody pays no attention to college recruiters … ruiters-2/

It is way early but I am already worrying about this. His mother Rona seems to be as high on Hogs as Reggie Perry’s mother Kimberly was. And we know how that turned out. Moses and his parents are eagerly looking forward to his unofficial to Fayetteville next month. I expect him to rise rapidly in rankings and get on Cal’s radar. No doubt he will be our #1 target for 2020.

#2 Target…Chris Moore out of West Memphis (imo) is better believe it or not.

2020 is stacked. Very possible it could end up with 4 guys ranked in the top 100.

Have you seen the kids play? Don’t put too much stock in rankings of 14-15 year olds. Moore is very good for his age, but Moody has always been the one in the 2020 class for me. I think you’ll see Moody ranked above Moore everywhere as early as next Spring.

I agree. And Moore needs to start developing his perimeter game because I don’t see him growing past the 6’6 or so he is right now.

I have seen Moore play and he is a man and very good. I have not seen Moody play nor the rest of that class. I don’t think it is very helpful recruiting wise to discuss which of the players at this age is the best or going to be the best. We may be wanting to sign several of this class when it comes time. Right now, I say there is a bunch of really good, and I mean really good players, in that class that CA is probably recruiting. My point is that saying who is better than who does not help our recruiting. Feelings get hurt. As always this is just my view.

If Chris was 6-8 or so he would be one of the top prospects in the nation. No one outworks him.