Moses Moody ... my "WOW" moment watching him

Moses does so much for this team its unbelievable the talent he is as a freshman. I’d love to see him back next year but I think that has as much chance of happening as a frog not bumping his a$$ when he jumps.

Still the “wow” moment this game had to be when Moody had the ball and was surround by three LSU players and you just knew it was going to be a foul, travel, or steal. What did he do? Somehow he spotted Smith on the baseline and somehow got the ball to him for a dunk. My jaw just hit the floor there. That was Jason Kidd like vision. It was a definite “WOW” moment.


If you are able to look at again somehow, you’ll see it was a “no look” pass.


Agree. What an incredible pass. He’s special. Very special.

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Moses is a basketball player, if a part of his game is off, he keeps being a basketball player. Not a whiner, never pouts, doesn’t cry, not a problem causer.

Just plays hard always.


He is so smooth, high level skills at all levels of the game. An absolute joy to watch. A team player through and through. His demeanor helps steady this team Going to be a rich young man.

kid is pure class. Never had one like that since Mayberry.

We will miss Moses.
He would make a Great Coach someday if he so desired many years down the road.

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