Moses Moody makes USA top 25 for 2020 … r-rankings

He will be the next McAA from Arkansas. It will be hard to keep him in the state. Watch out for a Duke offer.

Response: It certainly appears so, however you don’t feel Mike and staff can sign him.

No, and it’s not because Mike “can’t sign top talent”, it’s because of certain individuals who will be involved in his recruiting $$$$$$

As a matter of fact, he has pictures on his Twitter of one of those individuals and refers to him as “uncle”

Who is this uncle?

Has the recent FBI scandal had zero impact on recruiting? I was hoping that the cash flow to these uncle/agent/“sugar daddies wanting to cash in on the young man’s athletic ability” would dry up. I guess that will just transform but never go away.

The FBI scandal will have no impact on the idiots are the country until they knock on their door! That’s when the culture shock will take place.
When good old uncle puts kids in a jam and they loose their eligibility to play them maybe kids will realize those uncles could really care less about them.

Well said.

There’s a movie that just came out on Netflix called Amateur, that goes into all things you guys are discussing on here and shows how brands, adults, coaches, etc. take advantage of these kids and how really corrupt the system is. It’s not based on a true story, but all the things that happen in this movie are things that are going on in the shadows when it comes to recruiting these kids.

I highly recommend this movie, it was a really good watch with a good cast.

I think that is an unfair representation of Moses and his family, and I bet they would take great exception to that comment.

I do not know Moses, and I doubt Moses is kin to the “uncle” (he maybe), but the “uncle” is someone who played this very staff and went to the $$$$$$$.

Now, if Moses’ family keeps that set of individuals away from influencing Moses, I’ll give them a standing ovation, but seeing how they’re already involved with him, I say they will influence that decision.

You conclude that based on that criteria? C’mon. Like I said, unfair.

Maybe unfair, but I called it with the “uncle” the last time and was chastised by everyone (including you), and then the “uncle” proved me right.

Sorry, didn’t see your question yesterday, it is “he who should not be named.” His buddy, the Klingon is already clamoring for Greaseball.

You probably should have just stopped at “I don’t know Moses”

Comments: now that response is truly funny :lol: Seriously, since Mike’s arrival and even before Little Rock kids appears to be the most loyal to the hill/hawgs and NLR the least followed by now Lepanto. I shared that only because I always thought as it relates to central Arkansas there exist a deep connection to UA athletics. Although in the past 8-7yrs not so much when you mention NLR for whatever reason.

So, you’re telling me that “uncle” played at Arkansas and not KY? And that Klingon wasn’t at that time, or now with Moses, openly singing the benefits of Big Blue? That’s what is truly funny.