Moses Moody has signed with Arkansas (story)

Official: Moses Moody has signed with Arkansas


Made my day.


I wasn’t really worried, but it’s always great “when the fat lady sings” and removes that last bit of worry! :grin:

Fabulous news. What a bright future for our Razorback basketball program.

@DudleyDawson - what were the chances Moses would’ve signed with UA had CMA still been the coach?

My guess from talking to him and those around him fro the last three years, that there would have been a small percentage that he would have signed here under Coach Anderson.

The pro background of Coach Musselman and his staff was probably the biggest factor in getting Arkansas over the hump.


Wouldn’t rule anything out, but that would seem sneaky and might not be appreciated by the Moodys.

I think CEM is a stand up guy.

Seems like the state is loaded with some difference makers. Hoping Mason, Isaiah, others have success playing professionally keeping the momentum going

Dudley, for those of us who have not seen Moody play, tell us about his game and how he might stack up against, say Joe or Jones.

Do we have anymore openings left?

Knew yall didnt need to worry. The Dads said many times they would be signing soon and there wasnt anything to worry about. Glad its all official though!

Since you are guessing, can you guess who he would have signed with?

Probably Michigan would be a good guess.

Prior to Muss, His top two choices were Arkansas and Ohio State in alphabetical order but really hoping for a blueblood offer that never came. Michigan entered the picture only after the Anderson firing.

Ok the Old man is lost…what would be sneaky and not appreciated by the Moody’s

Youdaman, I’m not Dudley nor do I claim to have working knowledge of his thoughts nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but being a guessing and gambling man… I’d bet he meant this post would be considered sneaky by the Moody’s.

Though that’s just a guess, that came as spill over from conversations in 2 different threads.

That maybe it I didn’t see that post I just saw Dudley comment and couldn’t find anything in this thread to link it with.thanks

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant

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Fantastic news!!! Class is loaded!

I’m guessing Ohio State although he seems to have a lot of home state pride