Moses Moody and signing

When asked at his commitment ceremony when he would sign, Moody said he would have to talk to his father about it.

His reaction to the question made It sounded like he might sign early. HIs father just told me they still plan to sign in the spring.

So it looks like Davis and Moore will sign early, but Moody, Robinson and Williams will commit in November, but not sign.

Good luck with waiting till spring. Hope it works for both parties. If he’s waiting till spring for a better offer as Dudley said then I personally hope things get really tight!! I guess I’m just too old. I’ve got this feeling Muss has a contingency plan in place!

I don’t understand this. If you are truly committed to Arkansas, and getting this one of a kind in-state class all together, why not sign and be a leader bringing the others aboard? I don’t like my school being anybody’s back-up plan, and this reeks of that. Muss can take us where we all want to go, but the big recruiting domino needs to fall first. C’mon, Moses. Sign early, be a leader, and take us to the promised land. This state will love you forever if you do. Go Hogs!

I am sure Muss has a backup plan. He will go the graduate transfer route and land better finished products. I don’t think he will be too upset about not having to deal with five freshmen. I don’t think he has had that many freshmen before.

These aren’t normal freshmen, and you know it. This class could be transcendent for our future. Some of us have known for years how important this class is. These kids will be gods if they hook up together and take us to a Final 4. I think the fact that Coach A wasn’t making significant inroads with these 5 kids is a big factor in why he ultimately lost his job. IMO, this class is the most important one for men’s basketball in 25 years. And one more thing, Muss needs to forget about Kyree Walker and sign Isaac already. Another mistake Coach A made was prioritizing Hill over Isaac. Just my 2 cents, but deep down in my soul I want Razorback Basketball to matter again.

I disagree with this portion of your statement. I understand where you’re coming from, but when I look at what these two kids can bring, this is what I see: if we land the AR 5, or AR 4 plus Ambrose and get McBride in Jan 21, he’s the difference between a Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. Walker would come in Jan this year and is the difference between NIT and NCAAT. He’s a better all around player in my opinion and a BIG TIME get.

I believe Coach Musselman is wanting both McBride & Walker not one or the other. Do you honestly believe their will be no turnover following the end of the basketball season.

If you’re asking me about both, not sure. They’d both have to go on scholarship this December. Difference is Walker can play in Jan, McBride can’t play until the following Jan.

I just don’t get the fascination with Walker. He still has not visited yet, and it’s very well known that he will only play a semester if he goes to college at all. The kid is not the second coming of Jordan, and in no way do I believe him coming in at semester, like some savior, isn’t gonna piss off the guys that are already there busting their asses. There is just no way he’s that good or worth the strain his indecision is having on this program and recruiting class. Give me Isaac and the Hog Fab 5 and forget about Walker. The program will be better for it in the long run.

Do not want to get into Mike Anderson debate, but hate to let misstatements go by. Anderson was fired because they were not able to progress to the second week of NCAAT and not because of these 5 kids.

As far as these 5, Mike was in on Moody, Moore and Williams. He wasn’t recruiting Davis as hard because he had his sights set on Bryce Thompson and Davis knew it. As far as KK Robinson, Mike was recruiting him but KK had not blown up enough by the time Mike left and not many of us were talking about him,

Arkansas Fab 5, other than Moody, are not Kentucky type of freshmen. So, it will take them some time before they are Final Four material on their own. They need to stay together for 2 to 3 years. We can’t afford for Moody to leave early.

But if Muss can get someone like Walker, who is more like Moody plus someone like Ambrose, that could speed up the Final Four projections.

I don’t disagree with your points, however, I believe if Moses were to sign early, the other dominos will fall. I still believe Walker is holding this recruiting class hostage.

And please don’t get it twisted, Coach A is like family to me, and I will always love and respect him, but I also feel like his fire on the recruiting trail had waned. This upcoming class is too important for that to be the case.

Also, I posit this to you, if Walker is the savior you seem to think he is, why has he not yet set foot on campus? Just give me the Arkansas kids, and we will be just fine.