Moses Moody and KK

I’m liking Arkansas’ chances of landing both after what I’m hearing today. Not saying it’s certain, but the official visits went very, very well.



We need them badly!

There you go getting my hopes up Richard! Seriously though, we need some good news around here. I like how this BB staff is making inroads with these better caliber players. Now we need some good bigs to go with these guards that are interested.


Kids say a lot of stuff after the visits, but Moody’s comment about preparing for NBA is genuine. It will make a huge difference. I know it. I was really expecting a commitment before he left Fayetteville, but it could be coming soon.

Some day, I would love to find out what it is that Muss will do that is different than other coaches to prepare a kid for NBA, because it is not like other coaches don’t know what is going on in the NBA. Coach Cal has that reputation of preparing the kids for the NBA. And now they talk about Penny and Stackhouse in those terms. Coach Cal has been winning recruits based on that. And now Penny is and hopefully Muss will. But what the heck does it mean?

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Great news! If we get thess Arkansas kids it will be a huge lift for our program. The Arkansas Fab 5 could be a real possibility.

PJ, I think the difference is the planning, detail, terminology and exposure. If you’ve listened to these interviews Muss has done on podcasts and radio, he has described the main difference to be the scouting and detailed plans for both the team and player. Even before they’re a player for Muss, he is scouting the player and coming up with a detailed development and utilization plan for the player with the end goal being the NBA. CMA just didn’t do that. From a terminology standpoint, Muss uses NBA terms for everything. He used NBA film and plans. Lastly, Muss has had multiple NBA teams come through during “training camp”.

Not to mention he literally grew up around pro basketball under Bill Musselman. There are volumes of online material of his coaching philosophies. He spent a lot of time in the old CBA so he knows what it takes for role players to continue to play pro ball.

He has Clay Moser and Earl Boykins on his staff with extensive NBA experience.

Thanks for responding. Usually I don’t buy anything on face value and marketing presentations and have to dig in to understand the differences.

Let’s talk about coaches other than CMA because otherwise it takes the discussion to a tangent. Most P5 coaches do scouting, player development and help kids get to the next level. Because they all know NBA is where kids want to be. And I believe they all pitch that to recruits, so, I don’t think that would be a difference.

Now I agree that Muss does that in the recruiting cycle and other coaches don’t. I also agree Muss uses NBA terminology which leads to early exposure to NBA and also bringing in NBA teams because of his contacts leads to exposing these kids to NBA scouts. So, this part I have been reading about in articles, podcasts, etc., and understand. And agree it differentiates Muss from other coaches.

But I was looking more for technical aspects of the game being taught differently than other coaches. For example, someone had mentioned Muss does NBA drills. What is the difference between a NBA drill and a college drill? Are the practices scripted differently and how?

Ironically, when people first started talking about NBA influence that Muss will be bringing, I thought some Arkansas fans would react negatively because the consensus among them is that they don’t play in defense in NBA. But fortunately I have heard none of that.

Regardless, as I said from everything I hear kids are loving what they hear from Muss regarding NBA and that is what matters.

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Compare Muss and his staff to CMA and his staff in terms of NBA experience. I think there you will find your answer.

Addendum: misread your post PJ. You said excluding CMA. My bad.

Anyone that says that don’t play defense in the NBA isn’t worth talking too. That is ridiculous.

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Gotcha. There may not be a significant difference, but I’ll tell you why it feels different to players. Muss is actually studying, implementing and most importantly, communicating to the players, “this what the Warriors are doing right now.” He can say, with more credibility than others, “this is how it’s done in the NBA.” Other coaches may be doing the same, but to different degrees, but Muss is making it clear to the players and the media that he’s using NBA stuff.

As I’m typing this, one difference in his practices is the amount of drill work they do and the structure of it. Muss has said they still far more in the NBA than they do in college. That was mentioned at SEC media day this week.

There is no question it feels different to players. That is what I hear out of the Arkansas Hawks organization and some others. The association with NBA is making a huge difference to the recruits,

In talking to the prospects, Coach Musselman’s and his staff’s NBA cred is legit and plays well with the kids.

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No question recruits eat it up. They like to hear that three letter word.

But I must say this. Before we hired Muss, most posters here were critical of Coach Cal for claiming he can prepare and get recruits to NBA because of his NBA background. The argument was that if you have the talent, you can go to any program and NBA will find you. But now we all are bought into the notion that Muss’s experience helps recruiting.

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Just because we believe something, doesn’t mean a 17 year old believes it.

I do believe the NBA can find you anywhere you go if you’re good enough.

I do believe that Muss being able to sell the nba dream will help in recruiting.

They aren’t mutually exclusive.

I believe you’re correct

I have been one to say that. And frankly, I still believe it. If the NBA can find a kid at UCA, they for sure can find a kid at UofA. That said, it is clear from years of recruiting that the KIDS buy into Cal’s pitch (I am of the opinion that his “I can give you more help in getting to the NBA” stuff isn’t the only thing he is pitching to the kids, but that is a different topic). I am glad we can now use the NBA experience pitch.

Virginia is pushing hard for Moody.

Have they also offered KK?