Moses Kingsley

What is Moses Kingsley doing?

I suspect he will play summer league for someone and hope for a camp invite. Maybe he plays well enough to earn a 2-way contract, but I’d think he’s G-League bound unless he wants to go to Europe.

Nothing earthshaking, but he was in town earlier in the week.

Doesn’t his brother live in Little Rock?

I think he’s attending a small school in Arkansas. Will check.

I’m told that he will likely sign a free agent contract soon - maybe with Detroit

Jacorey signed a deal with Golden State the other day. Doing so means he’ll play with their summer league team and probably get invited to training camp early this fall.

The new 2-way contracts give extra room for guys who are on the border to maybe be on an NBA roster. Also comes with a sizable pay bump compared to what a typical G-League (new name for the D-League) player gets.