Moses Kingsley Offensive Struggles?

Is anyone else getting annoyed at the constant talk about Kingsley not scoring as much as he did last year? Just seems like at almost every press conference CMA and the players are asked about it and just seems like everyone is always focused on that. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think Kingsley’s numbers are close to where they need be. If Kingsley was actually averaging 16 PPG+ this year, that would mean some of the incoming guards weren’t as good as we’d thought they’d be. Teams with talented guards don’t have big men that score a whole lot, that’s just how college basketball is. Look at Kentucky they have a future lottery pick big man in Adebayo on their team, and he only averages 12 PPG. Look at the 2015 first pick of the draft, Karl Anthony Towns, he averaged 10 PPG.

People have to remember there’s only 1 basketball. When you add 2 JUCO All-American guards and one of them lead the nation in scoring, those guys are going to get their points, and that means somebody’s scoring numbers are going to go down. Last year Moses scored a lot because we only had 3 people that were consistent scorers. This year we have about 5-6 consistent scorers and we’re a much better team. There shouldn’t be any questions about Moses’s numbers, they are fine. He’s putting up 10.7 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 3.1 blocks on a 9-1 team I don’t get how anyone sees that as struggling. I think he probably ends the season averaging 11-12 points per game, but anyone that thought higher than that, didn’t think our incoming guys would be able to score, or thought we’d be averaging 90 PPG.

I think it is an issue, but not simply that Moses needs to score more. The issue is he is not playing up to his ability, and he is clearly frustrated about it. You can see his frustration during the games. It’s got in his head, and he is missing shots he should make and taking shots he shouldn’t take. I don’t have a problem with his scoring totals, but if we are going to get to the next level then we need Moses to increase his field goal percentage. He can be more efficient, and I think he is trending in the right direction. I think we really could be not just a tournament team, but a dangerous tournament team, if Moses is a security blanket on defense and offense. We should be able to count on going to him down low for a must get easy bucket or two free throws. He has the talent to play that role. But he doesn’t have the talent to play face up stretch forward with the ball in his hands (I bought into that hype with hunter Henry and Bobby Portis a little, but every post player is not a stretch forward face up mid range shooter!) Moses has decent handles and mid range game for his size, but we have several other players on our team that play beyond the arc way better than him, while there are only handful of players in the country that are as good as him in the post. As you can see I am passionate about this topic. I see great talent in Moses, and I see him figuring out his offensive game a little better every day this season. I also love seeing how we can keep improving to become a legit threat in March. I really see Moses as being key. If he can stay in areas of the court where he is always a threat and take his shots going to the basket strong, he can and should be a consistent double double guy and that will open up spaces on the floor for our guards to do their thing. You saw this in the second half vs texas. Mike always mentions wanting to see the ball movement working inside out, now if he can just get Moses to not want to catch the ball standing still beyond the arc (he can go set screens out there if he will roll hard to the hoop) and find that legit mid range player to facilitate the high post… cook??

I’m no expert but I’ve noticed 3 things in regard to Kingsley. 1: his defense I think is actually better this year. His defensive footwork for a big man is very good I think. 2: he is set up outside much more it seems than last year. He has tried to dribble penetrate and he is at times called for walks or he gets the ball stolen. When he goes down on the block he doesn’t seem to forcefully post up and get the defender on his back side 3: he is whining either at officials or teammates more so than last year and he whined a lot last year. He is frustrated. Last year he was a main cog, this year we have more players. I think if he would concentrate on defense and let the game come to him he would produce more. The old saying,there is no i in team. Worst thing that could have happened to him was being named preseason sec player of year.

In fact I might start Thompson over Kingsley. He doesn’t start the leading scorer in Hannah’s. Thompson is thicker, better passer and is just playing better than Kingsley right now. When thomsons group comes in we run more and offense and defense is better. We usually increase leads. Like for most part what Thompson has done this year to date. Nice surprise, Kingsley offensively slight disappointment

I respect your opinion, but in no shape or form is Thompson playing to Kingsley’s level. His ability to rebound and alter shots is at a higher level and Trey fouls a lot. I like Trey right where he is at around 10-12 minutes a night.

Moses is still fairly raw on the offensive end, and he misses Jabril Durham who penetrated/passed more than anyone on this years team. He is such a big difference maker on defense with his ability to alter shots. In fact I think this year he is doing a better job of not going after everything and being in better rebounding position.

Definitely not playing better than Moses. Trey is often out of position on d, makes up for it with a silly foul. Some shot blocking ability but not as good. Ok rebounder but not as good. Great passer. Can’t switch screens up top like Moses. Can’t run the floor like Moses. No. not playing better than Moses.

well i disagree somewhat. we extend leads when he is in games. and switching on a guard at the three point line, well I’m glad he doesn’t do that. maybe the “team” is better when he is in. they are not worried about getting someone his points because he is preseason sec player of the year. maybe they cut and move more when he is in game because they know he is more apt to pass the ball to an open man. probably on a skill basis moses is better, but possibly the team is better when thompson is in the game. we need both for sure. you can’t tell me manny is better than hannah’s yet he starts manny over hannah’s. defensively for sure manny is better, but in no shape or fashion is he better offensively. I’m just looking at the “team” thing. maybe it would help moses to come off the bench. i know it won’t happen, but its a thought.

He’s still our most indispensable player. The one guy we can not afford to lose. However, he is leaving too many points on the floor. He’s missing way too many gimmes.

He needs to settle in instead he is playing with a sense of urgency on offense to much. What needs to happen he will have that groove game and everything clicks for him and he will just take off from there.
Without a doubt he is still the main cog team wise, just his presence on the floor and around the basket can not be replaced now.

I understood Moses best when I watched the Texas game. “Allen” freshman center was very active at the board and didn’t matter how many around him; He was able to finish regardless. He was Athletic, skilled and very active. Moses is ok, when open; uncomfortable when defended by someone near his own size. He does not have the skills and quickness of what we saw in Allen. He is simply playing within his skills and physical abilities. He is valuable to AR for some offensive work and mostly his presence in defense and rebounding.

I agree with your assessment. Moses is not a scorer that people want him to be.