Moses is the preseason SEC player of the year … r-year-ho/ … edictions/


Where would the Hogs have been predicted to finish if Allen and Monk had come to Fayetteville? Are they that much better than the guards we have?

Good early hype for Moses. But, I wonder how often the team that has the POY finishes at # 5 or below in the SEC?

I have to believe Mr Kingsley is now ready for the many monuments to come this pre and post season. He will be challenged every time he step out on the court, you can bet he will receive the other team’s best efforts. The good news he is not alone, I believe CA will play eleven this season and all have something to prove, lock and loaded is their mindset.

It gives Michael White and the Gators a whole lotta credit to predict they will improve from 9-9 in the SEC – same as Arkansas – to second place, based on what they retained + added.

Their recruiting class was nondescript, not even top 50, so the two transfers were all they added (one redshirting) + we’re supposed to respect them for the maturation of their holdovers + Barry, I guess.

Canyon Barry only played 13 games last season, missing the last 18 games with a shoulder injury. He might have scored a lot of points against mediocre competition (their nonleague schedule ranked 227th), but he took a lot of shots to do it. Made less than 31% of his threes, less than 45% of his twos. Not sure how yippy-skippy we’re supposed to get about Barry joining the Gators.

The weird part of the Florida roster is they have seven players between 6-8 and 6-11, one 6-6 wing, and four true guards. Arkansas was not well equipped to attack their guards last season, but that looks different now.

I don’t get Florida at # 2. They have no first team players and only one second team. I just don’t see the rest of their players as good as the rest of Arkansas’ players. But, this is preseason. Doesn’t really matter that much except for bragging rights.

BTW Matthew Fisher-Davis last season shot 44.6% from 3-pt range (79-177), 39% from 2-pt range, 75% at the line.

Hannahs shot 43.3% from 3-pt range (81-187), 48% from 2-pt range, and 87% at the line.

Hannahs had to deal with a lot more defensive attention than MFD did. I’ll go with Hannahs.

He shoots free throws underhanded, like his dad, so he has that going for him, which is nice.