Moses bailed out our FT%

By going 11-12. Rest of team 6-16. That amounted to a sub par 62%. Hannahs and Macon did not go to the line.

Nice to have a bad FT night when you don’t really have to make them.

Macon made a free throw in the first half on an and-one.

If Watkins learned to make 3’s, he should learn to make free throws.

I was thinking the same thing. I would rather see him shoot 3’s than frees!

I rather see him do both well. He needs to work on free-throws as well.

If there’s one person’s work ethic in trying to get better that one should never question, it’s Manny’s. I’m sure he’s practicing everything. I practice frees twice as much as 3’s, but I’ve always been better at 3’s. Something about shooting in rhythm on the jump I guess.