Morris was in

Coach Morris was in Memphis today. He visited Whitehaven, Memphis University HS, Christian Brothers, Memphis Central and Lausanne Collegiate.

Some of the kids at the schools include 2020 OT Marcus Henderson, 2020 LB Martavius French, LB Bryson Eason and CB Devonte Nelson.

Fry will be visiting Briarcrest Christian, St. George’s, Germantown, White Station, Freedom Prep tomorrow.

2020 OL Chris Morris, OL Ray Curry and DL Omari Thomas are some of the prospects.

Lausanne … Eric Gray visit?

Fry has to come up big in Memphis for this 2020 class.

according to Lausanne folks, EG has UT on top right now. Interesting to me that OM and A$M are to get visits. EG is explosive, my HS rooting interest held him to 149 yards on a wet field with a Clemson LB commit and a Furman LB/TE marking him. Wet field won and so did CPA who has an unsigned WR with alot of skill, some size and speed that finished runner up to EG for Mr Football in TN. Noah is probably better than Knox (at least HS wise) and just a little short of Otey because of speed. Nashville and mid-Tn football is so much better than west TN and Memphis, same for east TN being better than west TN. Better programs and better coaches. EG wants to be closer to home than Mich is his word, so how does A$M rank as closer? Fayetteville to Memphis is a short trip for those with a Razorback desire. OM is a short Uber ride if need be. EG looks small in all his pics, has heavy base and fast feet.

I agree. West TN has some talent but not as much as the other places. Memphis kids have skills but lack of coaching- Memphis coaches are volunteers because the school system can’t afford to pay them. Sad