Probably won’t happen, but if we were going to pay Gus almost 7 million per year and then would have to pay a good def coordinator a million plus…maybe you could pay Morris 4.5 and Venables 2.5 and still save a million a year.

The idea sounds good and it would be nice but I don’t think it will happen.

I cannot imagine Venables leaving Clemson unless he becomes a HC.

Need to check your math


Was listening to finebaum earlier and I believe they were talking about Venables to TN as DC for big coin. If TN can try that, why can’t we?

Not saying I think it’ll happen

Football scoop is reporting that Morris will go after Venables as his DC and IF that happens would change landscape of college football!

His math is right. Gus 7 + DC 1 = CM 4.5 + BV 2.5 + 1

Could it be that Arkansas is finally willing to be a top destination for top coordinators and recruiters and we will now pay top salary as if we want to be a big?

Love the AD hire and whatever big time boosters are seeing the light.

If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up.

Don’t know if true, I read somewhere that we could go up to 3 million for a O.C and D.C . Also I read that Todd Grahm could be in the running for D.C.

Yeah, blew past the part of the statement where he said pay a good DC a million plus