Morris update

We are told Arkansas is in serious discussions with Chad Morris today, but the hire has not been finalized.

I think it is likely he will be the next head coach, but we are holding off reporting that he has been hired.

This is consistent with reports I’ve seen elsewhere. Hope it works.

Hope it doesnt

Biddy and Bolin reporting it’s Morris. Football Scoop reporting deal expected.

Bayou - Go sober up and quit the constant whining. You’ve taken a dump in every post out there this afternoon.

Agree 4Harley!

I know what is out there. I also know that many people incorrectly jumped the gun on the Derrick Gragg hire last week. Fortunately we were not one of the ones who had to issue a retraction.

These things are not final until the signature meets the paper. That has not happened yet with Morris.

Clay is talking about Morris this afternoon on the Bo Show…

“Great offense and the ability to walk into any high school in Texas and command attention.”

Excuse…that was not directed at you, sir.

…in serious discussions with Jimmy Sexton who represents him…

i don’t think clay would say anything bad about anyone we hired. that is not saying he’s pushing morris, i just think it is in his nature to be positive…

i will support whoever they hire, however i think its a crying shame norvell is not the coach. oh well, go hawgs.

Razorwill, you may be right about Norvell, but no one has hired him. He has no ties to the Texas area for recruiting even though he is from Irving. No one in this state even knows about Norvell.

Like Ali G Says–“Respect”.

Don’t know if they are true but there are lots of whispers something popped up on Norvell during vetting.

Circumstantially that makes some sense. There have been a ton of openings and he is a fairly hot name and he fairly quickly signed an extension with Memphis.

Ha! Matt must be edgy today…he told me didn’t he!

Your opinion of the hire Pig (oops, if true)? I know your a Venables man.

I’m not edgy. Sorry if it came across that way.

i just get the feeling that we are getting Gus version2.0…highly acclaimed high school coach;becomes offensive coordinator at major university;cuts teeth at a lesser university…then gets hired and is constantly on the hot seat for not winning enough for its fans(or will be)…yet most on here are raving about him…any opinions…and i have no idea who would make a good coach…the one post i asked about a coach…i was talked down to by a few members who apparently are of a much higher intelligence level than i could ever hope to achieve…

You consider Clemson a ‘lesser’ university? All he did as OC was help lead
them to a national championship and beat Alabama.

He was not a coordinator for either Clemson team that played for a national championship.