Morris takes podium at SEC Media Days

Morris is about to take the podium on SEC Network

Morris, “We learned a lot last year, and most important we learned one play has no bearing on the next. Every season has no bearing on the next.”

Morris: “When you take a head coaching job, establishing culture is a top priority.”

Morris: " We’re excited about the quarterback battle we have… It will be an interesting battle as we go into fall camp" “Offensive line is an area we have to improve.”

Morris: “I’ve been in this position before. I’ve stood in this same area in building a program… At all three stops (Clemson, SMU, Ark) there was success happening inside the walls of the building… I know in building a program there is a process you have to go through. It’s not fun, It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.”

Morris on recruiting after 2-10 record. “the way we recruited during the 2-10 season says a lot. Going into year 2 our goal as a staff is to be consistent in the way we recruit.”

Morris “Recruiting is like shaving, If you don’t recruit you look like a bum.”

Morris on expectations on win loss record, " I’m not going to put a number on it, but inside our program I know our Seniors and leaders want to leave a legacy. And getting to the postseason is definitely a goal of ours."

Morris on the biggest lesson he learned as a head coach of the SEC. “It’s a line of scrimmage league.”

Morris on Transfer Portal: “What that has done has allowed our staff (to) be active in the transfer portal… We have staff dedicated to look at the portal.”

Morris on naming a starting QB: “The sooner the better. I want our guys to rally around the starter, but I’m also expecting a battle through camp.”

Morris on Hicks, “He’s been a QB of a team that has gone 2-10. He’s also dug them out of that hole.”

Morris on Starkel “how the ball comes out of his hand. how he can progress and see the field, and his accuracy excite me.”

Morris on DMAC uniforms. “It’s a great look isn’t it… To me that’s a traditional look… We’re going to wear them every opportunity we get.”

Morris: “I’ve been in this spot before, and I’m confident I know how to get out of it.”

Morris on going back to grass field: “When you jog by a field and see how immaculate a grass field looks… and knowing that in football there is nothing better than a grass field.”

Morris: “We’ve gone to a player led football team.” “Hudson Henry is a talented player that is going to play.”