Morris on not playing KJ sooner

Said he had no regrets not playing him earlier! He is a complete joke when he won’t admit when he obviously is wrong. Hopefully HY will pull the plug! This guy is a complete embarrassment to the UA and should be gone after Missouri game!

Whole post game press conference was a joke. Reporters asked some very direct questions and all he spewed out was adjectives like disappointed, frustrated. Never answered with any type of specific issue. Suck as Tackling, getting off blocks. Nothing specific. I’ve been supporting CCM through all of this but after yesterday he probably shouldn’t be the Razorback Football Coach any longer. I mean there are serious concerns with firing him, but in reality it can’t get much worse than the last 3 seasons. 2 on CCM’s watch. Said they had a great week of practice. Your best receiver on team in O’Grady is suspended and yet everything else was great? Sorry but he’s clueless or think Hog fans are stupid and don’t see or know anything about football. He also through KJ under the bus. If I were KJ’s parents, I’d be having a one on one with CCM this morning !

My goodness, everybody said Jefferson wasn’t ready and Morris said from the beginning that he was trying to preserve his redshirt while still getting game reps.

I’m more embarrassed by our fan base year after year, more than the team.

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When Chad was first asked about KJ in the post game press conference, his response was basically “he did ok”.

The guy led the team in a few plays straight down the field for a TD. He sparked the crowd. He sparked the team.

That tepid response was not something a strong leader would say. Period.

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In your opinion.

Belichek makes similar comments yet nobody comes down on him as not a leader.

You did not just use Belichek to defend Chad Morris did you? My goodness!

Don’t detract from the point.

Not sure how I’m distracted from your point… you brought the name into the conversation. The Morris press conference was awful last night… generalities, adjectives and frankly disingenuous. He’s not won a conference game. So even if he 100% copies and pastes Belichek quotes, Belichek has earned the right to 1) be given the benefit of the doubt based on his record, and 2) never be used to defend Chad Morris and his handling of the press.

Again, that’s your opinion.

Trying to ignore the point of what he said compared to Belichek just proves my point. The only difference is of course Belichek has won way more games and championships, so that makes what he says ok compared to Morris who hasn’t won much here. If it’s wrong for Morris to do this, it’s wrong for Belichek to do this as well. We just overlook it because of those championships, and that’s illogical.

So it’s my opinion but what you say is fact? Look, in don’t really care if you defend Coach Morris, hate him or fall somewhere in the middle. Your takes are consistent and that’s commendable.

But this is a fact and not illogical: coaches like Belichek and Saban are held to a different standard than Chad Morris. And if you don’t see that, well, you are the greatest publicist Chad Morris could ever have and the Athletic Dept needs to hire you.

That’s not what I said, I’m giving the other perspective of what superhog said. Heck, even Saban has been known to publically call out players and coaches. Again, it’s all a matter of perspective. You win, nobody seems to care. You lose, and everyone comes down on you like a ton of bricks.

I know they’re held to a different standard, that’s my point, but the question is “is it right?” I’m not saying there is a right or wrong answer per se, but if you hold one view, doesn’t it stand to reason it should apply to all and not just some? A lot of the topics I’ve seen lately seem to come more from a confirmation bias stand point. People already have an opinion and are just looking for ways to justify that opinion.

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Are you really a “general”?

I don’t know, but he’s “generally” annoying with his incessant attacking of every poster who posts anything negative about CCM.

Well, to be fair to Chad, he was trying to win with his former SMU quarterback who supposedly knows the offense better than any other player—even if still banged up from Auburn, giftedly-born as immobile while standing in shotgun behind a porous O line, and without any zip on cross field throws that could easily be pick-sixed. We’ve seen nothing from JSJ or Jefferson to prove the OC and head coaches shouldn’t start a guy who won’t be with us next year in favor of a RS freshman or true freshman QB, right? Oh, wait…

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I’d recheck my posts. Many people post lots of negative comments that attack Morris and I say nothing, but if you repeat the same nonsense with no facts then I’ll say something. Also, if you’ve followed me that closely, I’ve criticized Morris as well. So lets not “generalize” here.

Nope, met and lead some players in a way back in the day though.

I’m backing the General here which is quite unusual. I would love in an alternative universe to
see the disparaging posts if KJ would have started the season or just blown his red shirt playing
in earlier games. So now personal attacks toward CCM because the poster(s) knows better based on
one drive vs a teams reserves w the game far out of reach. Lovely.

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CCM is not in the same universe as Belichic or Saban. They can get away with saying what they say because their record qualifies them as experts. So yes, if either one of them are critical of their QB (even in public) they have the credibility to say that. CCM shouldn’t call out anyone but himself as I’m not sure he’s qualified to do much more. Only Coach Smile was worse. CCM can’t “pitch” his dream of hope and early PT to recruits anymore because he’s won nothing.