Morris may be a good pick

Former OC at Clemson so has worked around the top

Currently in DFW which is hot bed of recruiting

Long time ties to east TX and all TX recruiting and appears respected in the state (we live in Austin).

I’m told not to hold SMU rebuilding against him as previous coach left at right time with drop off likely.

But SMU makes bowl this year.

Big booster contact there worried we steal him.

Between him and Norvell, I think he’s the better option.

He gets the edge because of experience.

I’m not thrilled about the idea of either.

I think Venables has a lot of upside, and Norvel the most passion, and Morris the most relevant recruiting contacts.

I’m not sure but the most important media market outside AR that influences AR is the DFW market and those ties could be huge for recruiting and perception.

Hire venables for defense and one of the others for offense, pay them 3 mil each, Still a mil less that the Malzahn offer,

Morris//Kiffin//Brohm//Norvell. That order. Brohm is a winner but I think Morris would be our strongest recruiter from this list. Kiffin would likely run him a close race.

We got played. Badly. Gussie got his huge bump in pay and a much stronger

Everyone is talking about spread offense. Novel’s offense, his defense gave up over fifty. Morris’ offense.
Georgia held Auburn to what?
Did anyone watch Clemson? VENABLES!!! Hopefully he is the mystery candidate. On Tuesday following the Broyles’ Award announce him as the head coach of the University of Arkansas Razorback football program. Look at some of the recent winners of that award.
He deserves and has earned the opportunity.

You still have to have elite talent. Florida’s had talent on Defense far superior to ours. Clemson has won consistently with a high powered spread offense. Their consistent winning has allowed them to recruit elite defensive players. SINCE 2009 who are the teams that have beaten Bama? Utah, Auburn, Oklahoma, Clemson, A&M, and Ole Miss. What do they all have in common?
Spread offenses!!

Mike Leach can run and offense and his defense is rated #13 in the nation. He does more with less. He pulls schools out of the dumpster and makes them contenders. We are in the dumpster - right at the bottom

Those that don’t like his record at SMU need to remember he took over 1-11 dumpster fire where recruits need a 28 on their ACT to get in. Let that sink in for a few minutes. Morris is the only one with existing connections in Texas. I also don’t punish a coach for a bad defense because he may not have had the money to hire a good DC or enough talent. We have the money to hire a GOOD Def Coord to make it work.