Morris makes sense

I think if Morris is our next coach, he makes perfect sense. We have seen our plodding style pushed down our throats, now we have to find the players to run the spread. I am excited to see change because if you look at the top programs they are not 3 yards and a cloud of dust. This is what I wanted and I hope the new coach can bring in the assistants he needs to spur us out of mediocrity. WPS!

I like his understanding of what it takes to recruit well in Texas with relationships and that culture. The ADMN focus on finding him defensive help is also encouraging. We need a football coach and he sounds like one. The SEC West is still the measuring stick but fans and players needed a reset.

Those YouTube videos of him and Red Bull make you think that he and Ed Orgeron just might be twin brothers—lots of passion.


I am excited about our prospective new coach too, but what team have you been watching? I would not categorize our pro style offense as a plodding style and certainly not three yards and a cloud of dust.

A lot of the guys on the team now were in spread offenses in high school, so the skill position guys outside of the QBs may be able to pick it up pretty fast.

I have no idea if Morris has his receivers running a lot of option routes, which would be real different from anything I’ve seen Dan Enos do, so that might require some transition. I think all the QBs currently on the team played some form of the spread in highs school, but most high school spread teams don’t require as many reads by the QB as a college system, so they will likely have a learning curve.

Every body will of course have to learn the new terminology, and that alone will make this spring practices ragged at times.

FIRST THINGS…We need new Oline and Dline talent. We also need Safety talent and depth at LB. I am happy as can be that we hired him. He is an ICON of Texas HS football. He gets beat up for a 7-5 record but everyone forgets that he was at a PRIVATE school with a 28 ACT min for entry. He also took over a 1-11 team and turned it around with a bunch of high GPA athletes.