Morris is best we can do ?


Any others runs circles around Morris
He doesn’t know what a defense is.
How can you pass over Norvell for Morris?
Memphis crushed SMU

I think you’re really getting ahead of things.

Dead wrong. Morris needs to be hired if we can get him. You know nothing about SMU or the great job he has done. SMU is a very hard school to win at.

I think there’s much more to consider than how one coach beat another in a game to find the right coach for a program. To say we should hire Sumlin because he’s 6-0 against us is being short-sighted. We can admire how a coach wins, but there has to be more to it than that. He might be a great coach at Arkansas, but then again, he might not be the right fit.

Looks like Morris run a More Wild open Offense than Auburn.

Morris would be a great hire… He just won 7 games at SMU, you know how hard that is to do and he is doing it will kids that are not all D1 talents…

Hiring him will prove our people had no plan. They thought they had Gus. Morris should be way down the list. He hasn’t won his conference. People act like he would bring instant Texas recruiting…but Smu talent level isn’t better than similar program in their conference. And they have zero defense. Essentially we would be hiring Kingsbury.

I agree, that hiring him means that there was no plan outside of Gus, but this guy is no slap**** not by any means. Also YES he would bring Texas recruiting easily, the guy was the head coach at a power house 6A school in Texas has won 3 state titles, with that being said he has spoke at over 10 -15 clinics in the DFW area. He is very respected by a lot of HS coaches in the area and they open there doors when he comes in, just for the opportunity to sponge off his offensive brain. Also once again he just won 7 games at SMU, that school is not even a door mat to a head job, taking a job like that is a big risk and he went there and got them at least half way respected… But thats If he’s even the guy to come here… :wink:

The bottom line is I believe he would be able to hire a staff who can recruit. His Texas ties are endless. He has SMU, Yes, S…M…U…on and upward trend. That alone is impressive. Y’all are looking at his overall record and not the improvement each year he has had there. Chad Morris in my opinion would check the box of a coach that you would want leading your program.

I am not against Morris, but this seven wins at SMU stuff only means SMU is slightly less than terrible. Their wins:

UNT(check here for beating another dark horse candidate)
Arkansas State


So SMU is no longer a bottom dweller in their conference, but still is a ways from being one of the best teams in the conference.

With the recruits that he have , those 7 wins are pretty impressive and this guy is getting a lot of the bottom feeders of Texas far as recruits… He may get a couple of 3 stars but those are the guys that are getting offered by Texas state, Ark state and maybe a Tulane. This guy has a pretty impressive coaching resume far as where he has started and where his is at to this date…