Morris in the film room with Quinn Grovey

Dissecting an RPO play from the SMU offense last year that worked rather well. Pretty interesting stuff.

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Interesting indeed. I like the idea that the TE is an important factor in his game plan.

That was cool. Everyone should watch this. Coach B has left him some good Tight Ends. This may be a blast.

Another apology upfront. This isn’t a troll, or whatever. My opinion. This is what concerns me about our new coach. And until I see something that makes be a believer, I will be a big detractor of him.

I watched this video 3 times. Elite level? Who was he talking about? There was nothing ELITE level about this. SMU is far, far from elite. And so is UCF.

It was busted coverage on the play in this segment. There was no defense at all in this game. SMU had almost 500 yards in offense and still lost…and gave up over 600 yards. UCF turned it over 3 times. It was the only thing that kept SMU in the game. How UCF went undefeated with a defense like that is indicative of how weak the AAC is. Auburn is gonna kill them in the bowl game.

I looked at all the stats on this game from the segment. It was horrific for SMU. The QB threw 52 passes. They ran 88 plays. 5.5 yards per play. 34 mins of possession. UCF had almost double that per play.

Who was this 2 time All-American WR he was talking about? Cortland Sutton wasn’t on ANY 1st, 2nd, or 3rd all-american team 2015-2017. Yes he’s a big body and talented. He only had 46 yards receiving in the game. Part of the reason they had so many yards offensively was due to the constant double teams on Sutton. Thats it. Come on, Chad.

SEC defenses are going to eat this team up running this offense. Gonna be a lot of hurt players, and a tired defense…again.

He keeps talking about Clemson every time he’s interviewed. WHY??? That was 4 years ago!!! He had to use an SMU game film, and I get that, as they are trying to get people excited about the offense. But offense wasn’t the problem for us!!!

I have got to see a whole lot more to be excited about winning games. The offense doesn’t bother me so much. It’s how he just sounds so amateur when he’s talking, and describing this play.

Just not buying all of this.

Elmo, I have to hand it to you. You are relentless.

You seem to know football, and what you are talking about. However, being so negative on Coach Morris at this point in the process just doesn’t seem natural. There just seems to be an agenda at play here, rather than objectivity.

You just can’t find anything good to say about our new coach.

The dude was constantly double teamed which enabled the rest of the receivers to have big games and generate “so many yards” and you criticize the constantly double teamed receiver for only getting 46 yards. Sounds like he should get credit for a lot more yards that others got because he tied up two defenders on every play. Why is this a criticism of Morris exactly? You are ranting in circles with twisted logic. You never posted on this board until Morris was hired and all you have done since that hire is attack him. You are becoming a one trick pony and need to find more to offer other than “you don’t like Morris.” It got old real quick.

There is no agenda. I just feel we should’ve never hired him. Jerry got his way, and I am sure it has to do with his grandson putting a Razorback uniform on.

I have always been positive about our coaching hires. I can remember people that couldn’t believe we hired HDN. He was from a smaller background, but he learned from the best(Holtz, Jimmy, and Frank to an extent), and he loved the Razorbacks. I respected that… And it worked out ok for him, until the end.

But this hire really concerned me. And I feel(my opinion), it is for good reason. He fell into the best thing he was ever gonna find. Can’t blame him for taking the gig…but I could respect the guy if he really had a true credential that warrants him getting the keys to an SEC West team. But he doesn’t. And that is a fact. If you don’t think so, ask yourself what other SEC school would hire him. He couldn’t get an interview at Kentucky with his record.

No, I don’t like the hire. I am sure he’s a likable and nice guy.

He’s just not an SEC caliber coach. It will go down as one of the worst coaching hires we have ever made.

Dunno about Elmo…must be a true Morris hater for some reason. Maybe Elmo just likes to stir the pot. As I posted before…nobody knows how Morris will fare as our coach…only time will tell and for now I believe he has the support of most of the Razorback nation. As far as Elmo posts, he has the right to his opinion and I can choose not to read his posts. I will continue to support Coach Morris and have my own opinion on his coaching ability.

Perhaps our hypercritical new poster has failed to notice that the team that gave up that play to SMU is currently 12-0 and in a New Year’s Six bowl. If that ain’t elite it will do until one comes along.

Meanwhile, try to find another deceased equine to whip.

I am not a Morris “Hater”…

He just is not qualified to be a HC in the hardest division in college football. This is just the sell job that the U of A is doing to get people to buy tickets. BB didn’t do this. Petrino didn’t do this. This is part of the sell job.

You can choose not to read my posts. That’s fine.

If he turns out to be a success, and wins and competes in the SEC, I will gladly say I was wrong.

But if he is as bad as I think he will be, I hope you guys comment accordingly, with the same energy that some came after me on this board.

So you’re not a Morris hater and he’s not qualified to be a HC in our division. So he’s qualified for any other P5 HC job, even at Clemson. Wasn’t he part of the staff that build that current championship team?


Here’s the thing. He’s isn’t going anywhere for at least a few years, so what do you hope to accomplish with these posts?

Yes, Elmo you are troll. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it is a duck. When someone says they are not a troll, then they are most assuredly a troll.

Actually, Petino did do this. And, yes, Bielema did do this.

How the heck do I find the bell icons? Post of the day, possibly post the year…Quack, Quack

Elmo may well be right, but Coach Morris should be given an opportunity to recruit, teach, and develop before judgement is passed.

Coach Morris can do one thing we need that is bring recruits from Texas! That’s all I need to know until the hogs hit the field.
Next year will give us some indication I just hope we make progress on the defensive side of the ball.
By the way it’s duck season so trolls could be in trouble this time of the year!

Baloney. I’ve been moderating Hog boards for 20 years. I know how trolls work. So does Clay. If you’re right, we’ll never hear the end of your crowing. If you’re wrong, we’ll never see you again.

Elmo, Clay and Swine have nailed it, you are a Troll. It appears to me you have a Jerry Jones problem and it’s causing you serious distress. Get some help or take some time away. In my experience on this board, the vast majority of us come on here for factual info and fair debate about all things Razorback. So far, you bring neither.

So let me get this straight, Clay.

I’m going to be labeled a “troll” because I do not like the hire for the Head Football Coach at the U of A, and I express that in a way that isn’t towing the line as “true fan”? Even though I am???

Because I stated his record as a head coach, and how I do not feel with that record, that he was qualified to be a head coach at the SEC West level?

That I would like to know truthfully who we actually interviewed and offered the job to?

Because I pointed out factual statistics about the team he coached last season?

Because I believe that we could have gotten a more suitable candidate? And many more have the same feeling, but since I express myself in a away that most don’t like, I am a this bad guy?

You have been around for a long time, and you have an excellent record. I don’t challenge your credentials, or background.

And no, Petrino and Bielema DID NOT come in as the head coach and start breaking down film from their previous school, or the Atlanta Falcons before they even coached a game at Arkansas. As far as I know. If I am wrong, then I missed something. And I will put my hand up and admit it. But, this is all about trying to show this offense from Morris. Because there are questions.

I appreciate your position. I get what you want to accomplish, in media, and to promote HI. But what gives you the right to label me? Because your the owner of this website? If you want to put out the rules as that no negative talk about the Razorbacks are allowed, then that’s ok.

I have been behind this school for over 40 years! And agreed with all the other hires and things they have done. I can remember being a kid, and my late father being mad about how Nolan was being treated, and how bad he felt for him when his daughter got sick, etc. I sat in my living room and saw U.S. Reed sink that half court shot. The Orange Bowl in 1978 when my grandparents were so happy they cried over how amazing the win was. I was at the 2000 Cotton Bowl and we destroyed Texas. We owned Dallas that day. And I have been the heartbreaking losses and beatings we’ve taken in road games and in bowls. I have seen it all. Just examples of that I don’t have some hidden agenda, or some ax to grind, and I am not some undercover ASU fan.

I don’t really appreciate that from you, Clay. I haven’t said one time that I do not support and cheer for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Not one time. I have traveled everywhere to see this team play. Supported every coach. I have seen the banners flying over RRS. Seen the stadium half full, and seen it so full you couldn’t move. And that includes WMS/LR as well.

I think if you and some of the members here actually knew me, and spoke with me, you would find that I am a very well informed, passionate, and knowledgeable fan and supporter of one of the best universities in this country.

But I am NOT a troll.