Morris impresses Memphis recruits … -recruits/

Why the heck is Morris having to recruit for Dustin?

Who said he was? He saw other positions. The 2020 class just so happens to have several OL.

They’re trying to put a major focus on Memphis and having Morris there pointed that out to the kids.

Maybe it changes when we have more success, but it sure seems like a common practice on Hog boards that one or more assistants get targeted and seemingly everything they do becomes an issue. I get it that our Offensive line has not been good and the commits are not filled with 4 and 5 stars, but I am not certain we know enough about Coach Fry to coronate or condemn him.

He was working this past year with a kid that had no other major offers, a converted DL, a kid who’d never played center before and had non P5 offers, and a former walk on. The other member of the starting 5 was highly recruited.

I agree - too to judge Fry’s ability given the overall talent level of the line he inherited.

Rivals has Chris Morris and Bryson Eason in the top 40, and French and Omari Thomas are in the top 250. Could be a special class considering we have a leg up on a couple of them.

Well said Mr. Guthrie! I don’t think there is ever anything wrong when the head Hog is helping to recruit a kid as well. You hear a lot of recruits say that a lot of the head coaches just aren’t as involved as the assistants. CCM seems to be out and about A LOT and “getting his face in the place” so these recruits can see him and know he is very much involved. I think this situation has more to do with how hard we are going after the Memphis area than anything else.