Morris impresses Earle QB Gerry Bohanon … y-bohanon/

It impressed me also.

Didn’t get this from Gerry, but someone who has spoken to Getty. I was told Gerry was blown away by his talk with Morris.

I think Gerry being from arkansas and keeping his recruiting open as long as he has, wants to be a hog. He just wants to have a reason to be a hog and wants to feel wanted.

I think Bret could have gotten him had he initially offered him as a QB and showed interest in him at that position.

I bet he will be on the hill next year, getting ready to be a stud qb down the road!

Richard, could Coach Morris have some of these former Clemson quarterbacks, especially the one who is in the NFL, call Gerry?

They can call each other as long as “it isn’t set up by the staff”