Morris has been terminated

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Thanks, Swine.

I know he is a good man, I wished it had worked out. But for 4 wins he made between 5 and 10 million dollars when he was let go.

I think you missed the point. I thought it was classless that Chad Morris would dance to celebrate beating Colorado State. He brought that ridicule upon himself and the few that would somehow to try to justify. It is okay to dance but dance like you have been there. Win a Championship, Beat Bama, Beat LSU, Beat Florida etc and dance all you want. But it was classless IMO to dance to celebrate what was a too close for comfort game that we would eventually pull out to win. We had players yesterday celebrating tackles made 20 yards down field when we were down 3 TDs. If it can be good for the Goose then why not the Gander?

Everybody I know are happy with the news, EVEN Chad Morris who gets $7 - $10 million to come back to Dallas (he never moved anyway). His only relevant moment was a classless dance after beating CSU whom I am fairly certain was a sad time for the opposing kids and coaches…

I did not like Morris as a coach and I know he deserved to get fired but I think it was the wrong decision because of the potential negative impact that this is going to have on recruiting and the possible transfer of current players. Morris for all of his faults had done a very good job recruiting and it appeared that the majority of the current players supported him. With that being said I also know that there would have been de-commitments and transfers if he had stayed so I admit that neither scenario was very good. Really tough situation but if I was a coaching candidate I would know that there is no place that this program can go but up because this has got to be rock bottom.

If that was your point, you did a terrible job of communicating it. You never even hinted at it. Frank Beamer, for one, danced in the locker room with his players. If you wanted to say Morris chose a poor time to do it or that we needed to accomplish more before he did it, you could have said that. Instead, you pick a thread titled “Morris terminated” and posted links to the locker room. I’d say everyone who read it thinks you were just making fun of him as soon as he got fired. You might want to edit or delete your post.


Not Cool. The man is a professional that attempted to have a little fun with his players.

If you were offended, I will apologize because my post was not intended to offend you or anyone, but to make the point I have clarified and you have repeated the clarification. However, I have done so now realizing you didn’t even read my entire post? None of the links I provided were to the locker room, or of Chad Morris dancing in the locker room. They all were happy go lucky scenes of some various persons / cartoons celebrating. I felt this thread “Morris being terminated” was the best forum to make light of what I viewed as classless celebration. I find irony in your view of me as being classless on sad event for Morris when it was his very act of “his own” dancing at the expense of other kids and coaches is what drove that post. i.e. that comment or view with links to various people dancing or celebrating would have no meaning on the thread of say “Mike Anderson Terminated”. It is what it was intended. I am pleased that HY make the decision that he had to do, and I am excited about the change and who will come next.

I wrote off the celebration as possibly UofA players & coach finally believing we had turned the corner & a confidence builder. We were desperately in need of any level of confidence & swagger at that point. In retrospect the celebration was obviously premature & backfired - SJSU. In the end it became apparent that the regression & lack of confidence by this team, especially QBs, was due to the coaching staff & their failure to develop & motivate players.

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at the expense of the opponents kids and coaches that we were 3 TD favorite? if so; we agree that was “not cool” in that situation. My post was also an attempt to have a little fun with other posters on “what comes around goes around theme” But if you did not follow that; and not humored, I will apologize. I am just glad this day is here and do not wish to lose focus on the opportunity in front of us.

Charlie Strong won’t get much support on this board…but I would be totally on board. Our defense would get better FAST.

Charlie May be in his way out at south Florida. Rumor is he and his bosses don’t get along wherever he is

Charlie is a disaster. He is going to get fired.

South Florida has gotten worse each year under his tenure, and couldn’t put a winning record together in any of his 3 seasons at Texas.

Now, after he gets fired, I’d love for him to be the DC hire of the new HC!