Morris has been terminated

Morris has been terminated

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It was the right decision, but I’m not at all glad. I feel sorry for the man. He didn’t want to fail. I’m sure he did what he thought was best at every turn. He appears to be a very good man. He worked hard at recruiting & related well to kids.

Unfortunately, the program is too important to let it linger through another year of this. It’s possible he could have righted the ship; the mess was just too big to fix in 2 years. However, with no signs of improvement—in fact, signs of regression—I can’t see we had any other choice.

This wasn’t a good decision. It was just the best of bad options. We’re still at least 2-3 years away from becoming respectable again. And that’s not even certain. We need a coach who can recruit, hire able assistants, & instill confidence in players already here (and maybe prevent the good ones from transferring.) No easy task.

Gonna take patience & unfortunately fans don’t have a lot of that.


Great post

Well, here we go again!
Just seemed inevitable.
Now let’s see what happens and who they hire next.
Let’s see what carnage follows this decision.
Can’t be much worse than what we have seen the past two seasons.
I liked Morris. Was excited about what he was going to bring. Didn’t work out. I wish him the best.
Go Hogs‼️

Great post indeed. I wanted him to succeed as well. He indeed seems to be a good man. He’s been jeered for saying it, but I actually totally understood and respected him when he said “football is what I do, not who I am.” I have used that quote with my daughter and students. Doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. It means family and your faith comes first.

That said, Chad had clearly lost the team. He lacks that “it” factor…aka charisma. All great leaders have charisma. All of them. If you don’t have it, people don’t follow you. Chad just doesn’t have it. Plus, he is STUBBORN. He was too married to his offense this year.

This next hire is the most important hire in the history of the program…aside from hiring Broyles, obviously. Has to be a great one. And preferably one that will run the RPO and zone read game. KJ is the near future. And the near future is important. This has to get turned around quickly…at least in terms of being competitive.

Oh…and this is a mild shot…we need a coach that will give a hot RB the ball more than 8 times in a game. that was unbelievable. He did it versus Kentucky too.

Good luck Chad.


Bought a new trailer hitch cover for my SUV. It’s a custom design with a baseball and Arkansas written across it. As long as Van Horn is here and I still have my seats behind home plate, I will remain a happy man. Go Hogs!

Wishing him the very best, never once questioned his intentions as he done his best I believe everyday. He walked into a mine field and knew this coming in and gave it his best but just wasn’t able to overcome. WPS

Charlie Strong for a candidate? He’s a Arkansas guy that played at UCA…

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Come everybody let’s do the Dancing Chad.

Wish CM the best, but he was in the deep end of the pool and couldn’t swim. He deserves credit for last year’s class, but this upcoming class was not going be anywhere near a Top 30 one… the product on the field pretty much insured that. HY does seem to have some Frank in him, won’t tolerate losing in basketball or football… the future will be bright with that kind of attitude and if it takes a couple more years, so be it. We have hope again.

Charlie Strong was who I wanted before Bielema and after Bielema, but I’m pretty sure he’s happy in Florida.

Very good post. I am one of those that wanted Coach Morris to succeed and get another year, but after the last two weeks I knew his firing was inevitable. He was a good man in an almost impossible situation that is now left to someone else to deal with. Whoever that is, I’ll support them, too. I’m not sure there’s a coach that can improve our situation in just two years. We need to be ready to be patient and supportive for the long haul. WPS…

Ditto. Who knows why? Maybe he was in over his head. Maybe the dumpster fire was raging too much to put out in two years. But I don’t think any Power 5 school can or should put up with 4-18 on the way to 4-20. I don’t envy the next coach, and I don’t envy Yurachek’s task in finding him.

Kind of a classless response to a sad decision, I’d say.



I agree as well. The man gave his all and it didn’t work out. I wish him the best and thank him for his effort. There’s been a lot of classless stuff on here of late.

You’re right Northeaster. This decision is nothing to dance about and definitely not something to make sport of. The man has a family, and I’m sure this is a vefy difficult time for them. The man put great effort and energy into trying to right this ship. The staff had some recruiting success, but I think at times they were just as overmatched from a coaching perspective as our O-line was physically. The San Jose loss was just devestating. I don’t think they ever recovered from that. Confidence of the fans, administrators and probably of many of the players just evaporated after that. I will pray for the Morris family. Pray for their peace and happiness and that they find a new beginning that is pleasing to them and The Lord.

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What else can you expect from him? That’s why his own controlled sports site for Arkansas failed.

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