Morris getting a start

Zack Morris will start for Arkansas tomorrow vs. Illinois State. Morris pitched well in Texas, but otherwise has not had much command since the start of the preseason.

Illinois State will throw right-hander Thomas Harper, who has allowed 2 earned runs in 5 innings.

I like it. He’s needs to get his confidence back.

They are doing everything they can to get him on track… I still believe his release point is just a little bit off and that’s all it takes to make your pitches get in places they shouldn’t… I am really pulling for him because he is a must-have for us to do as well as we want to this year…

Illinois State can swing the sticks he will have his work cut out for him

After the Tenny game last night, I have grave projections for the life expectancy of my TV if Morris gets lit up early.

While I share your frustration I’m not going to destroy my TV. Is just have to go buy another one. Morris will be fine.

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