Morris doesn't sugarcoat it when talking to prospects (column)... … en-talkin/

I love coach Morris’s approach. People want the truth. During my career as a sales manager I interviewed hundred’s of applicants for sales positions. In every interview I laid out expectations and did not sugar coat the long hours, hard work and difficult customers they would encounter. Some of my managers would tell me later that I was too blunt and possibly would scare the prospect off. My position was (and still is) if that scared them off we didn’t need them anyway. I’ve had folks come back and thank me for telling them what the real world is like. Typically that builds there trust in you and their willingness to go the extra mile when asked.

CCM is certainly saying (and doing) the right things. I have a good feeling. But the proof will be in the results.

I am relieved to read that Morris is careful to follow his recruits on social media. Lack of respect (at any level) can be a sign of trouble to come. By weeding those out, he will end up with quality young men on his team.