Morris discusses the RPO

Which will be a staple of Full Tilt Boogie.

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saw that and loved it,if you get a QB the system will work because the defense has to give you something then its just about reading it and executing it

that’s fascinating.

I always hated when the Hogs were playing teams using the RPO. I’m looking forward to some high octane games. It should be fun.

RPO, that is awesome to say! Razorback RPO. I feel like I’m in a dream. Out of body experience. Left lane, tilted, hammer down.

If they changed the linemen-downfield rule to one yard, as it is in the NFL, instead of three, it would make a big difference in running the RPO. That (and getting QBs killed) is why there’s been limited use of the RPO in the NFL. But for now it’s very hard to defend in college.

I’ve waited, not always patiently, for Arkansas join the 21st century in terms of offensive philosophy.

Can’t belive it’s almost here. Very, very exciting!

It is exciting for a lot of reasons stated many times on this board, but it’s easy to see the varied decisions on each snap depends on a well oiled instinctive QB to make it work correctly. We seem to be a long way from having one at this point and that’s being polite.

Fascinating. I never really understood it that way. It appears this system doesn’t necessarily mean you need your biggest arm back there. You need your best defensive reader or best quarterback mind.

If you are going to have a really good offense, you must have a really good quarterback who can run and throw…also one who has football smarts. Do we have one? Probably, not yet.

Actually if they called the lineman downfield past three yards it would make a big difference. I think it is allowed more than not due to the “Offense is exciting and brings viewers” mentality.