Morris Deserves Time & Our Patience..BUT

I will begin to question his plan if he doesn’t give one or both of these two freshman QBs a chance to play.

Storey and Kelley are not SEC level QBs and neither will ever be SEC QBs… don’t have the arm talent or mobility to play in this league and certainly not in this offense.

Do Noland and Jones? They better because he signed both of them. There is absolutely nothing to lose. Not going to sniff a bowl game so you need to begin building towards the future. Losing games with two guys that aren’t going to figure in to the long term plan makes absolutely no sense.

I was at the game. The receivers did a lousy job of getting open most of the night. Kelley did give the team a spark, but quite honestly I thought that lack of patience with the run game and the decision not to go for it on fourth and less than one to start the fourth quarter were disastrous. I thought the game management was awful in the fourth quarter.

I agree the decision not to go for it on 4th and 1 was a poor decision and the play calling at times made no sense. That said, I maintain these QBs are not the answer and we have no chance of success against good teams with them taking snaps.

Just don’t like playing guys at most important position on the field that don’t figure in the long term plan.

This is a complete rebuild - let’s get on with it at the most important position on the field.

UA took a chance on these coaches.

Not sure what the coaches deserve.

What do fans deserve?

A winning product.

Momentum shifted and game turned when the non-TD was upheld and Limpert duck-hooked the field goal. I said to myself that is going to change momentum and it did. If you believe the announcers that FG was beyond his “comfort zone” with Limpert…you got to make it but in hindsight maybe should have pooch-punted.

I was/am thinking the same as others. The QB’s just can’t get it done in this offense. There were HUGE gains available for the QB’s to make the read option. The safety and lbers were crashing the middle and if the QB had any abilty to run they could have run forever. To his credit Kelly tried a few times but he is just too slow.

Storey is just not accurate enough, makes questionable decisions and is not too mobile either. CSU knew if they could eventually slow down our 1st down run and set up second or third down and long that we could not convert. The other problem with the scheme is our WR’s are not physical and very poor blockers. I see now why CCM wants bigger, more physical receivers.

I see what CCM and coaches want to do but they don’t have the hosses at QB and WR to do it right now. Watching Clemson’s offense that CCM is credited with bringing there it can be deadly with a mobile QB running the true RPO/QB read offense. I believe he will get us there eventually.

Unfortunately, it is going to get worse before it gets better. This is going to be a long, difficult, brutal year.

We focused on the run game mostly and out QBs were not sharp to say the least. I would like to see us name Storey the starter and stick with him until he proves incapable of producing, Cole has played in a lot more games than Ty but can’t get any seperation from Ty. Ty carried us when the run game was absent in the first game, that’s my thoughts for what it’s worth. WPS

I agree with Hogbacker. Start Storey then rotate the trio of Hyatt, Noland and Jones; because they should not be starting as it is overwhelming for your first few starts. Storey could start so he can catch fire if possible AND our coaches could determine the personnel match ups for the OLine and if our WR’s and TE’s care about blocking. I would go with Hyatt first in the rotation since he has a little more maturity and some snaps under his belt.

It is obvious that we need to commit to rebuilding from now on. The Oline needs a mobile QB in the pocket and ti will be painfully obvious in SEC play. Commit to developing the Trio of freshmen. CCM stayed with Cole way too long last night so our offense DIED in the 4th quarter. After his 2 TD passes, CSU turned up the pressure on him and it exposed his lack of escape, inept decision making and slow decisions/reads. This was Ty’s first start ever at Ark. The playcalling sucked period. Ty’s accuracy issues showed up, but his run threat kept them from pressuring consistently. Cole has started 3 or 4 SEC games last year and the first one this year, but still hasn’t progressed to firmly take the job during camp. Cole is so slow in his process, doesn’t go through his progressions, and is too slow to get away from a rush.