Morris and making big changes....

One story I found interesting was how he had a bad season and decided to ditch what he was doing offensively and reached out to a coach in Springdale and then took his entire staff to learn more about the HUNH. The rest is history.

This tells me he’s not one to “ sit back and take it” but rather will make bold moves to change the status quo. He’s willing to roll the dice and go all in to change a negative direction or circumstance.

It will be interesting to see what moves are coming.

that is interesting.

I think it will be very interesting to see how he “adjusts”
opts to not adjust and just “get better”

the next couple of weeks are important for him

we are gonna lose a lot of games
no surprise
but how we do it will make a difference to the fanbase I believe.

Its a tough job he’s got

The Arkansas Razorbacks have a roster with glaring holes in important areas. This is a drastic scheme change that exacerbates the Roster Holes. Recruiting SEC level players is the only fix that will work for this offense. We don’t have enough talented depth to overcome mistakes in the second half. A new coaching staff will make some mistakes but we don’t have enough talent to overcome coaching mistakes in the 4th quarter.

Fans have to accept this is a 2 year rebuild because this roster is a mess. We have great depth at TE and RB but they are wasted because a self proclaimed Oline Superstar couldn’t keep feeding the talent. Our Oline needs a mobile QB period! Our offense is like a Basketball team without a Point Guard. Our existing QB’s are not capable of distributing the ball to playmakers.

Our WR’s are too weak for press coverage and it is showing up BEFORE we get to SEC play. Pettway is one of the few that will be ok. Our QB’s were recruited for the Pro Style offense to sit in the pocket- this is a square peg in a round hole Roster issue.

We are going to look bad against UNT and probably lose if we continue to do what we’ve been doing. We have to accept the rebuild and quit EXPECTING a bowl game or even 5 wins. Let’s be level headed about the scheme change impact and the need to get the talent. Let’s enjoy improvement with a goal on being quite good in Year 3.

Couldn’t agree more with all of these posts.

We didn’t get into this position overnight and it we ain’t going to get out of it that way either.

Mobile QB’s though - can sure grease the skids

I agree with this perspective, as I posted in another thread. Let’s take our lumps now in the name of re-tooling and preparing for years when there will be more talent on the roster ready to play the way this coaching staff wants. Obviously - don’t “play to lose”, but DO “Play to improve”. This team was never going anywhere anyhow. I know our fans (and I) hate to acknowledge that, and I know the players want to win now. But it is what it is.

Very frustrating for them when qbs can’t make accurate throws or avoid sacks

This would be the perfect time for him to make major changes as he looks to the future. Make CN, JSJ, or Hyatt the number 1 QB and the 2 others, the back-ups. The fans will be much more tolerant of the inevitable upcoming losses (regardless of who’s at QB). CCM can begin slowly installing the full package of the offense he wants to run, with a mobile QB. He will clearly be looking for his future QB leader, and, who knows, he just might find his “Matt Jones” (without the 4.39 40, but with better passing skills).

Even after the disastrous 4th qtr, I’m not nearly as worried about our D as I am our offense. The altitude and the amount of time they spent on D in the 4th qtr is not likely to re-occur in future games. Also, they really missed Randy Ramsey in this game. If healthy, he would have had multiple sacks. The single positive thing that happened in this game was the re-emergence of Sosa. It’s just a shame, his play will be overshadowed by all the other negatives.