Morrilton's Criswell ready to put on pads at Arkansas practice (story) … s-arkansa/

RD…just curious regarding Mr. Criswell. I see where he is 6’1 and I think 205 lbs for a Sophomore. This kid is already talented so I don’t think his height is an issue but I am curious if you see any more room for growth?

He said his doc said he has a few left to go. I guess that’s 1 to 3 inches. Not sure.

Cool…thanks for getting back to me on it.

If he’s a true 6’1, then he’s plenty tall enough right now. Clint has said that he has a thick, strong lower body which gives him a good throwing base. Clint seemed a lot higher on this kid’s potential than he did on Gerry Bohannon’s. Will be interesting to see how he develops.

Agree Eagle but was just curious since he was only a Sophomore. I wouldn’t pass on him at this time for sure!