Morning Richard and board … let’s assess where we are …

So we are 72 hours from early signing day…

Now for the questions Richard

Tonight or today starts a dead period, where we can’t call recruits but recruits can call us correct ?

Sounds like our new DC called most of the defensive recruits yesterday … with mostly positive feedback ?

I think we had one defensive commitment visit another school over the weekend, Johnson and Auburn, rumors that Auburn has not offered and might not?… waiting on an update here

Our TE coach has seen all 3 commitments…2 of which took visits to other schools over the weekend, so it looks like we are waiting to hear on how that all went… Any thing else to watch here ?

Tease took an unofficial visit to A$M, not sure we hold here??? Thoughts Richard ?

We have a nice rush end visiting , hopefully we can seal this deal…

Could anyone else have taken secret visits this weekend ? Are we trying to secretly flip anyone our selves?

My concern is that if we are trying to flip anyone that wants to enroll early I don’t know if that’s not doable… I don’t think someone has to sign to enroll, so maybe we could have them visit on that Jan 8th weekend, and still enroll early just sign in that late period ?

Anyone , go Hawgs!

The coaches can still make contact too. Dead period is basically no on or off campus visits.

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Yes, on the DC. You probably saw the story where I had comments from some.

Will find out more about Johnson later today.

Not sure on Tease.

No secret visitors that I know of.

Yes, the Jan. 4-8 visit window is for transfers who could enroll early.

Hope I answered them all.

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Richard, any news on the young man that is on campus visiting from Pitt

Plan to have an update on him.

Thanks Richard

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Have I missed the official announcement of our new DC ? Good morning and thanks for your relentless work of keeping us informed. WPS

hogbacker it was on ESPN the other day! Didn’t you see it?

No wait they haven’t said a word…

No official announcement yet.

I would imagine it will be announced when the contract is signed.

Officially announced.

Thank you. WPS

Richard, do you think we are done with coaching moves? Or should we expect another surprise after the bowl games concludes? Or after the early signing period?

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