Morning kickoffs tough for attracting visitors (column)

Not sure I can remember another stretch where we had an 11am start for 4 games in a row.
Georgia, Ole Miss, Auburn, and I think UAPB is also 11am. The game after that is against MSU and its still TBA. I wonder what the over/under would be for it to be an 11am game as well. The hits just keep on coming when your a Razorback fan.

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It is absolute b$%l s@#/t! We get zero respect from this conference and it’s pitiful officials. You can’t get any traction playing at 11AM every week, and it REALLY pisses me off! Basically, they have scheduled us out of the top 25. Really sad considering 2 weeks ago we were “America’s Team.” These kids can’t get up playing in the morning for a solid month, especially with the injuries. We, as a ranked team, can’t get our Homecoming in Prime Time after 3 straight 11 AM road games? It’s disgraceful.

Yeah we’ve gotten shafted on the Early KO’s.hopefully MS will be night game…only fair

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