Morning everyone hope all are blessed... let’s talk hogs

Well first game is in the books… couple things I noticed …

UGA is loaded with Athletes! Just very good depth!

That was the one of if not the best Defenses we will face … it’s going to be difficult to run on them for anyone.

I am proud of our effort … I am proud of our run Defense until we got some injuries to Coates and Gerald we held our own, and its NEVER been easy to stop the UGA rushing attack! We just need more depth , a deeper bench !

I am very interested to see our young secondary grow and develop and hopefully coach Odom, Carter and Pitman can add depth here also, because it will help on places like special teams??? Interesting huh??

I am equally interested with our you OL, two sophomores and two Freshmen… can we keep them healthy and playing as a unit to develop experience and consistency?Can we continue to develop physically, not have off season surgeries to eliminate offseason surgeries? And can we add depth to motivate, to offer some rest in 4th quarter , and to solidify punt block, FG block and improve special teams ???

I think we need to coach off the game film, I think we need to hit the weight room, but most important we need to recruit and add that much needed depth!!! It’s a long road , but it’s where we are !

Geaux Hogs!

I think our secondary will get torched next week against Air Raid because we don’t seem to get any pass rush.

That needs to improve for sure but Miss Stank doesn’t have the hosses up front that GA did. LSU’s defense isn’t near the same defense it was a year ago. They lost a lot of players.

Pass rush slipped after the first two quarters. got to get some help from the offense to rest the defense. There were way too many possessions in the game because of lack of time control by the offense.

Coates and Gerald had some injuries. Not sure what their status is this week, but they must be able to play to give the defense something off the edge.


We need the secondary guys back who missed this game (quarantined I assume).
Soli and a couple others were missing also I think.

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