Morgan Turner will see

Shamar Easter tomorrow.

We got a TE coach RD?

Great track record of coaching elite TEs at Stanford.

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How about Luke Hasz?

Turner and Briles are suppose to see Luke tomorrow.

Jaden Hamm will get a visit from at least Turner.

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Notable Players Coached
Coby Fleener, Zach Ertz, Levine Toilolo, Austin Hooper, Dalton Schultz, Kaden Smith

That’s salty.


Hard to beat NFL Entourage that he has been responsible for .We lose Hasz it will be just because he wanted to play for coach Loggains and not Arkansas… plain and simple…

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Sam may have nailed it on this one! This guy has a fantastic track record with TE’s. Hate it that Trey didn’t hold tight to see who the Pitt Boss was bringing in before jumping and following Dowell. Obviously that relationship was very important to him and that is cool. This new TE coach certainly could have helped him as well based on his history. Gotta think the recruits will be happy with this hire!


Was concerned about Coach Pittman being slow to hire replacement coaches & staff. Sounds like his patience & diligence paid off with Turner & Sowders who are apparently home run hires for Arkansas. Hope for the same & with renewed optimism about our next DC.


The majority of time fans are usually very, very uneasy when there’s coaching changes and period of time before the next hire. I get it but most are happy after the hirings.

Sam knew Dowell was likely going elsewhere and knew who he wanted.


I like the focus and exuberance of, Sowders, the new S&C coach. Turner really looks like a home run as our new TE coach.

I agree. SP has made two good hires that will be upgrades in my opinion.

According to former players, our S&C personnel were a primary source of many of the problems with our team this past season, including training issues, poor communications with coaches, resulting injuries, & player attitudes. I underestimated the significance & importance of the S&C coach.

True. At least on the dissenting commentary by the S&C staff. Thus a total house cleaning by CSP immediately after the Mizzou game.
UA…Campus of Champions

Many fans do not realize this is usually the first and most important hires coaches make because these folks are around the players daily and they see who is doing the work and buying in. If this group is not an extension of the head coach;s plans and philosophy then it will be trouble. Fact he cleaned house day after Mizzou says it all. Says alot that the press conference comments on players reactions to new staff tells me the message has been received by leaders of team .

SC is a hugely important hire because they spend more time with these kids than anybody and they can be a source of great inspiration or in our case sounds like a course of distraction and discontent.

I like the fact that he was speaking in terms of developing the LOS because that’s where the game is always going to be Won and lost. There is no excuse for those players not being extremely strong and we saw more than one time this year to where we got down close and we couldn’t move a grape several times.
I totally understand the situation down on the goal line is very very hard but you have to be incredibly strong in your legs in those situations because a lot of times the DL are not firing out up high it all ends up being a Low Sled push(which I hope we focus on incredibly hard with incredibly high weights) competition which is all about getting low and driving your legs. We got our butt kicked numerous times and short yardage situations this year …that cannot continue.

I have supplied a low sled push to show what I’m talking about.

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Well stated from someone who has lived that life before–Leverage and low man wins most times… I concur with Clay’s observation on tight ends being physical in those situations as well.

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S&C personnel were apparently not adequately communicating the status of player health & related issues to coaches, thus the large # of injuries & inadequate conditioning. S&C encompasses so much in preparation for practices & game-day. Since S&C staff are one-on-one with players on daily basis, they can definitely poison team attitude which may be why CSP cleaned house.

I thought they pushed Volkswagens up Cleveland Hill?