More volleyball bracketology

The NCAA field comes out Nov. 28. And the most recent bracket projection from has the Hogs in the field. They seed the top 16; the projection has the Hogs playing the #16 seed Creighton in the first round.

Hogs were #46 in the most recent RPI through weekend games, and beat A&M Wednesday night at College Station. Two home matches with Moo U this weekend, then end the regular season on the 26th at the Chickens. Creighton is the #12 RPI by the way.

We didn’t make the volleyball tournament last year, although if they’d had the full 64 team field we probably would. Haven’t been in the tournament since 2013, when we lost to … Creighton.

The A&M game was on SECN. Nice performance by the Hogs.

Directors Cup isn’t looking too bad. We finished 8th last year despite (a) a losing record in football (b) not making the NCAA in volleyball and (c) not making it to Omaha with the #1 team all season.

If we’re in the final coaches top 25 in football, we’ll get extra points for that. Last year we got 5 whopping points for making the bowl game with TCU which was never played, but would have gotten more points for playing the bowl (25 points) or winning the bowl (45). Making the top 25 is worth at least 49. Making the volleyball tournament is worth at least 25 points, more if we advance. Just getting to Omaha would have been 9 extra points, all the way to 36 points if we’d won it. At bare minimum, that would have bumped us up to 7th in the final standings, possibly higher.

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