More tweeks needed, Marty!!!

Not complaining, just trying to improve your product:

For iPhone I can’t find “new” posts option which someone mentioned in another thread and I’ve begun to use since there’s no classic view available–yet.

Please tell me how to get rid of the pop up ads on iPhone. They are SUPER annoying. Alrite, I complained about the ads. Sorry.

You can find the new posts with the dropdown button on the left side of the forum.

The ad is not intrusive on my phone because it stays at the bottom of the page, but there is a way to close out of it.

It does stay at the bottom, but it often covers the last line on the page.

And yes, you can close it, but each new page brings up a new ad. Fat fingers cannot always get it closed properly. [attachment=0]banghead.gif[/attachment]

Just a helpful tip: try an ad blocker like Purify. It blocks those ads and overall makes your online experience much, much better

Thanks for the tip about Purify. I’m trying it out now. I wouldn’t mind some ads, but this was overkill.

No sweat!