More transfer portal contact

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All I want to know is if these guys can hit threes.

Although that’s no guarantee. Pete Nance was a good deep shooter at Northwestern. When he moved to UNC he suddenly couldn’t throw a beach ball in the ocean.

When somebody says he ‘can make’ threes, alarm bells go up for me. I want to hear he ‘makes’ threes.

That is like the difference between he can play PG and he is a PG.

Well, like I said, Pete Nance made threes. Then he didn’t. But yeah, someone with a history of good deep shooting would be welcome.

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Wonder if Baye Fall is going to like Muss chasing Lampkin.

I know what you mean…but there’s more to it than that.

We KNOW Pinion CAN make 3’s; yet, he rarely plays.

We need someone who has an overall game,including defense…AND “can hit 3’s”.

PJ, Muss contacts just about every portal entry. Do you think he’s serious about all of them or just testing their interest? Just asking.

Not PJ, but I think he’s smokescreening. Contacts people we aren’t really interested in so other schools don’t know who we really want.


Correction, Muss only contacts the players he is interested in. AR reaches out to almost everyone as the smokescreen. That’s how you can tell who we are really interested in.

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These guys are stating they’ve been contacted by Arkansas but didn’t say who contacted them. It could be any one of the staff.


I call this time of year "portal combat.":sunglasses:


Gonna be by a wild couple of months. Team will probably be totally different.

A littke bit of hyperbole when I said he contacts most of the portal entrants. But no question Muss contacts more than other coaches. IMO, he or someone on staff contacts every player that has proven themselves at division one level. Kind of like sending recruiting letters to high school prospects to tell them Arkansas is interested. And then let the recruiting process take over from there in terms of further contact and then offer.

Others in the thread also have very good explanations.

One more for the list.

JC Hoops is keeping a count. He says Arkansas has contacted 26 players from the portal so far.