More Straight Talk

Sooner or later, these coaches have to COACH, instead of using the “no talent”, or “lack of talent”, or “not his players” excuse. It’s game 5 now. These coaches(especially offense), are paid big money. We were told he could adapt. We were told all these things he was gonna be able to do.

Blaming players effort, not “buying in”, or whatever is the problem is, it needs to get fixed. Now. The excuses need to stop. From players and coaches.

It’s went from CBB couldn’t coach, to the players aren’t good enough. You cannot have it both ways. It’s not acceptable to keep looking the other way and using the “wait until 2020” excuse.

It is 2018. this “tough love” crap does not work on kids anymore. Keeping them accountable does, but any threats, or fear tactics mostly does not. Kids are smart today. They can see and sense when it’s not right.

If the disorganization is still happening Saturday, some serious questions will have to be asked about this staff. There will be no excuse for not having the offense on track, the defense ready, the special teams better. Basically, an overall ready and prepared team. If it isn’t, we are gonna take a beating from TAMU. They will be very ready to get back to winning and using us as a whipping post to do it. We scored 43 points last year in this game with basically the same players. There is no reason this coach cannot get the same production out of this team. I am not thinking we will win, but we have to show up and give maximum effort.

Again, the excuses need to stop. It’s gonna be the same competition every week now. This coach took this job, and knew what he was getting into. It will not look good if we get embarrassed again in the stadium of the guy that got him hired.

“ Basically the same players.”

Most important player is QB and the one who left was invited to an NFL training camp. The two remaining have ZERO chance of being invited to an NFL camp. Not SEC level players, unfortunately. We also lost an OL is is one of the best rookie NFL OLs and replaced him with a sophomore who’s nowhere in his league and never will be.

That said, we do need to play cleaner and cut out pre-snap penalties.

Thanks JR.

But if the QB cant do what you need, then run wildcat, or put in a package he can run. We cannot afford to keep getting humiliated. The lineman are just fine. It’s the technique and the system. Just run the ball. Keep TAMU off the field.

Plus, a lot of those recruits that CCM covets will be in the stands and watching. Because Texas is his state, after all. Right? TAMU is his school, so he should be ready to coach a good game. All the Highland Park folks will be watching. Right?

Will he be away from the team all night this week, since he has a home there?

He’s got no excuses in this game. Or his staff.

Actually I don’t think CM has made any of the excuses mentioned, that has come from us the fans. He says losing is unacceptable, period.
Do you suggest the powers to be should fire CCM after 5 games instead of 5 years?
Then go after one of those coaches you mentioned previously so we can hear more excuses.

I am just saying that it’s time for them to get on with it. I’m Sure they don’t like losing. But if that is the case, we shouldn’t have lost to CSU and got housed by UNT.

Elmo - the OL are not just fine! Against good SEC teams they struggled running the ball and were poor pass protection the last two years and the talent is no better now. The cupboard is bare at WR, OL, and QB. Lowest amount of talent in the league !

Jackson…hold on a bit there…

Can you please tell us about the offers that our current players had before they decided to come to Hogs?

Because I would like to put to rest once and for all about this talent issue.

Man have you watched the games??? Our offensive line cant block you. QB play has been subpar and the play of the offensive line is probably a good reason for that. We can’t run the ball and guess what the offensive line is a big reason for that, and to top it all off it’s a complete different system. Bud, you gotta have players.

I am concerned with the long term effects of becoming the laughingstock of the league. Coach Morris is going to have to pull a rabbit out of his hat this year to keep the recruits he has, and he needs to add several more of those 4 star players. Getting waxed every week ain’t going to be very attractive to players that like to win. If we get mucked up in last place, I shudder to think it, we could become Kansas!! We are on a slippery slope, prayers for the program, it would take an outlaw approach, by hook or by crook, to get out of the funk.

Clary - Tulsa and Cincinnati
Jackson - no other offers
Froholdt - several big offers, but as DL
Gibson - small schools (walk on)
Wallace - several big offers

So 3 of 5 no SEC offers or other P5 offers.

Case Closed

JR certainly dropped the mic…

On Clary remove Tulsa but add one P5 offer - Kansas. Other offers UCA, Coastal Carolina, and Missouri State.

Elmo if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t open your mouth and prove it.

Our OL is abismal. If you can’t see that from watching then you’re blind.

They were horribly evaluated by a NFL coffee fletcher who should’ve never been hired and wouldn’t know talent if it hit him in the face. They were even more horribly developed by said coffee fetcher.

We have no depth and no talent in OL, you can coach a chihuahua all you want but it’ll never be a pit bull.

That’s the case.

I watched Colton Jackson In his first game back and he was doing exactly what he’s always done, over extending, and letting his shoulders get out over his legs and losing alll power and on one play got ripped down because of it. He along with the majority of them are not SEC material, let alone P5.

When have the coaches made any of these excuses you say they have? I’ve heard what I’ve said, like “there are no moral victories” but no excuses.

And no, I work with teenagers on a daily basis and your comment on “tough love” is complete garbage. Every teenager reacts differently, but if they know that your sincere with the discipline you apply towards them, they’ll respond positively in most cases.

And no, this isn’t the same team that put up 43 points last year on A&M. How many starters on this offense were starters in last years game on offense? I can think of 2.

You can put it to rest by explaining what talent we have and how it’s not being utilized/should be utilized better. You keep repeating this over and over and yet you still won’t address the questions on the subject. Now, I think we have talent on the defensive end with Agim, Greenlaw, and Pulley. On offense, I think our corps of running backs together present good enough talent to be effective in the run game. But there are glaring deficiencies in other places that you don’t seem to want to recognize, so I want you to respond to your own statements of talent.

When someone advertises it as straight talk, that’s a dead give away that’s it just his opinion. I don’t think it’s straight any more than the Pig Trail Scenic Byway.

Win or lose…I just want a competitive football team. I saw that in the Auburn game. If we play like that against A&M and fix some of the glaring problems on special team teams, we’ll be fine.

It’s no opinion, Clay. It’s a fact. This coach is over his head. And for as long as you’ve been around, I thought you might have known better. You just don’t like it because everything I have said was gonna happen, has happened. We hired the wrong coach. You can’t say that until a coach has left. I will say it now.

There is talent. It’s just our current staff doesn’t know what they are doing. And it’s all a smokescreen to just use any excuse/reason to why they can’t get this team to buy into their inexperienced coaching. And for you guys that think this is such an amazing coach, let me remind you that the recruiting was the same for almost every year CBB was here. I don’t care that he’s gone. Big deal. Keep defending this one all you want.

Oh, and all you guys insulting our recruits and players by saying they have no talent, should be suspended off this board like I was. Your not supposed to speak badly about players and recruits.

Bunch of hypocrites…

Saying a player doesn’t have required talent isn’t insulting or harassing, it’s stating some obvious face. If you said I don’t have the talent to play in the SEC I’d say you’re sure as hell right.

You are not stating facts. You do not know that this coach is in over his head, in fact it’s not possible to know 4 games in. You’re ignorant is the fact. You have a narrative and you’re going to pump it regardless of what is true and what’s not.

If there’s so much mis used talent, why did the last staff struggle so bad with these players in the system they were recruited to play in? Don’t give the BS of they”almost won” this game and that game, because I can in return show you games they almost lost for every one. The last staff is the cause.

The talent is the worst in the SEC, maybe only ahead of Vandy. You can think it’s not all you want I’d just say you don’t know how to use your eyes when you watch the game. It’s visibly evident we are slow and less talented across the board.

You can’t expect Chad to get things going until he has a qb that can run his offense. Ty had a gutsy performance but he doesn’t have the talent to run this offense like Chad wants, the arm talent and speed is not there.

We certainly do not have the OL or WRs. We do not have a single 4 star WR on the team and it shows.

You have crossed over into a neverland again. You have NO objectivity and have actually increased your screams after the Hogs looked better last week. You are making this a miserable experience.