More SEC schizophrenia

Mizzou is rolling through them with very little resistance.

They are just going through the motions and Mizzou is doing whatever they want. 28-3 with 4 min left 8n the 1st half.

Also MSU is Down at home TO UMASS. Anyone who says they know how our season is going to play out is talking out their butt. No one knows what can happen from week to week (unless you are talking about Alabama).

Oops supposed to be on the main board.

UMass is leading Moo U at Stankvomit. That’s 2-6 UMass, which lost to Coastal Carolina. Got a pick-6 on Fitzgerald along the way.

Misery is making Florida into wallets right there on the field at CoMo. 28-3 Tiggers.

Vandy tied with Western Ky late in the first half.

And in the only early conference game, Allbarn has a 14-13 edge on the Gaggies.

Merged yours into mine, Navy.

Miss State beginning to roll. Fitzgerald will be hard to stop. And Mizzou has really improved over the past several weeks.

Bad first half for MS state, but we know Mullen is capable of half time adjustments.

Mizzou is really starting to get it going, they will be really hard to stop, the Florida defense is much better than ours is.

UMass hit a big pass deep into Moo U territory but couldn’t punch it in on fourth down. Leghumpers not exactly dominating the Minutemen though.

Seems like several callers to talk shows/ posters on message boards have been charting the path to 6 wins to include a split of LSU/MSU with near certain wins over Coastal and Mizzou.

I don’t think Mizzou is the gimme many have been assuming. Obviously winnable but I’d expect a dog fight. If they can get a split from Tennessee and Vandy they will come to Fayetteville with a win meaning bowl eligibility.

Could have two 5-6 teams with something to play for.

Misery definitely appears to be improving as the season moves on, while Florida has gone into the dumpster.

Meanwhile, UMass just kicked a field goal after making an interception on a trick play, and is down only 4 to Moo U midway through the fourth quarter.