More SEC scheduling fun

Tennessee-Vandy was thrown onto the schedule for tonight because Misery and SoCar both had COVID issues, leaving EOE and VU with no one to play.

So now Vandy has COVID issues and they can’t play either. And they’re scheduled to play each other again Saturday night. That one hasn’t been postponed. Yet.

College basketball has been fortunate so far. If 2020 taught us anything about sports we should assume this season will end up a bit messy. I honestly don’t know which way we are going with COVID, but I assume the wrong way, right now. Basketball is also trickier than football because 2 games a week. So yeah, it’s going to get interesting and I hope it can go on. Like I said, we’ve (all college basketball fans) been fortunate.

COVID is going to get A LOT worse before it gets better. Unfortunately.

I can easily see another cancelled NCAA tourney and many cancelled conference tourneys as well.

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