More scrimmage observations

Whitt impressed me the most from the scrimmage. Was totally in control of his team, made some crafty plays around the hoop (including one monster dunk), was a willing passer and on defense his long wingspan was a disruption in the passing lanes.

After yesterday I think this would be our best starting 5:

Joe (this might be his last year. Looks like a pro)
Jones (made some dumb mistakes yesterday, but has transformed his body. Much quicker)

next 4


Vanover hasn’t yet been cleared to play this season has he?

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the game. I had planned on it, but at the last minute, my daughter came down with a sore throat and couldn’t take care of my Mother. Mom’s 94 and not self-sufficient and I’m the only care-giver other than my daughter.

I’ve been saying Jimmy would be our starting PG since it was announced he was coming here. I’m glad to see that, in your eye, it appears to be the case now.

Just based on what I’ve read and on the stats, there were only two disappointing things from yesterday. The outrageous amount of turnovers, and the seemingly somewhat disappointing play of Jones. As most can attest to on here, I’ve been one of Jones’ biggest fans since he arrived. Hopefully, yesterday was just an outlier for him. Overall Shooting was poor also. Would you attribute any of that to the unfamiliar, makeshift floor and surroundings?

Who do you replace Vanover with in the starting line-up if he doesn’t become eligible? Cylla, Bailey, or would you go small ball with Sills or Harris and move Jimmy to the 3/4?

I wouldn’t draw a lot of definitive conclusions from a Red-White game. Kingsley looked mediocre in the preseason of 2016 and was All-SEC that year after a lot of pronouncements that he hadn’t improved. There have been a lot of Red-White game All-Stars in the past that weren’t major contributors once the games started.