More ridiculousness

No Biggers on tourney team. No Fletcher, either.

The Biggers snub is a joke.

I haven’t looked at the all-tourney team, but I assume the shortstop was Kim Mulkey Jr. Which you had to figure since they won the darn thing. So no surprise there for me.

I’m frankly surprised Chad won MVP. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they gave it to Deichmann. Or Mulkey Jr.

The SEC snubs are normal. Biggers and Fletcher are there on my first team! It as much of a joke as the home plate umpire today.
All the talk about umpires being so good is a joke as well. Despite the end result today we may go farther in post season than anyone.

The SEC protects the big boys Alabama, Florida (good thing we beat them 16-0, because if close, we lose) and LSU.

They always have, and probably always will.