More Problems for NFL … aiders-nfl

I have never understood how the draft could be legal, a graduate of a given college is not required to work for only one possible employer, why is the NFL draft legal? Or any pro draft for that matter. It may work and make sense but how is it legal?

It’s because the players are part of a union that signed a collective bargaining agreement. Player’s union agreed to those terms, probably because they also get certain values guaranteed for where a player is picked. A team can’t draft a player #1 and then try to sign him for the league minimum.


The courts have ruled but I feel the young man in college should have some rights, but they do not. The union and the owners have all the power. I do remember John Elway forced them to change things when he said he would not sign with the team that had the slot he would be in so the teams traded draft slots and Elway went where he wanted. But very few players ever have that kind of situation.

A person gets drafted by an NFL team. He doesn’t have to play football. He is not required. He can go look for a job anywhere…in any industry for any company. He can even start-up his own business. If you don’t want to abide by the rules of the NFL, go get another job. The NFL is a company or an entity, composed of 32 teams, at least I view it as such. If you want to work for that NFL entity, then abide by their rules. Nobody is forcing you to play football. It is a choice.