More Problems for Coach Bobby P … 657294002/

Wow. That young man has problems (if the allegations are true).

BP has his own problems but will be rewarded handsomely for his failures.

Such is the craziness of College football in 2018.

They can’t afford to fire him, basically. And Adidas won’t foot the bill this time.

This kid had issues long before he arrived at Louisville. They had to know, but probably didn’t offer to help or manage him. Just play.

You recruit your problems. Petrino has a track record of recruiting shady characters.

My contacts have sense retired but it’s true that the UofL program is coming apart at the semes

Louisvile Papers reporting this is an indicator of the trouble CBP is facing

New leadership at the school is not as invested in winks and nods at bad behavior and those who donot have control and accountability of thier atheletes -

Maybe CBP is going to have to develop new leadership skills or look for s new job?

Like I said my contacts are gone